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From: Andrea Stettner

If the boss waves a counter offer, many can be dissuaded from resigning. © Panthermedia / Imago

As soon as the resignation is announced, many a boss waves with more money. But should employees accept such an offer to stay?

When employees give their Quit job *, there are usually good reasons for this: unpleasant tasks, too little appreciation or too low a salary are among the most common. Certain signs even reveal months in advance that employees want to quit. In the termination interview, many superiors then turn around and want to persuade employees who are willing to change to stay with a bonus, more salary or the prospect of promotion.

Termination: Employees should prepare for a counteroffer

Employees who quit should definitely prepare for a counter offer, says Gary Burnison, CEO of the management consultancy Korn Ferry: “Either you are determined to implement your change. Or you should in advance define exactly what it would take to prevent you from making this change“, Advises the expert in conversation with the Wirtschaftswoche. “If that comes up, you are ready to negotiate. If you do not receive this offer, it underscores your decision that it is a justified termination. “

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Experts advise against accepting the offer to stay

However, other experts warn against accepting an offer to stay after a termination. Because even if your conditions in the company improve, superiors often lack confidence after a termination. “Your employer doesn’t forget that you were about to take off. He will keep a close eye on you, after all, in his eyes you are now a candidate for a jump, ”warns the personnel service provider, for example Robert Half on his blog. In the next round of promotion, the supposedly more loyal colleague will probably be given preference.

Or the boss wants you with his counter offer only stay with the company until a replacement is found, warns “Indications for this can be that you are not being offered more salary, but only a higher bonus or more flexible working hours.”

Finally, remember that there was a good reason to quit. Even if you are flattered by an offer to stay from the boss, this sudden appreciation is likely to evaporate very quickly. Find out what here Employees would have liked their bosses before they were fired. (as)* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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