HONOR revealed the secret of its strategies that led to rapid global growth

HONOR technology focuses on user experience (Photo: HONOR)

Since HONOR became independent managed to make its way into China, and just a couple of years later, it has global presence as a technology leader in the market.

Ana Sofia Peterson, Public Relations Manager of HONOR Mexico, told Infobae that with Huawei’s heritage, HONOR has become a brand with extensive experience, as it currently has more than 100 laboratories globally, 4 Research and Development (R&D) centers, more than 10,000 employees worldwide and more than 400 registered patents.

The manager of the Chinese company revealed that to get there, the brand focused on specifying important aspects such as: establishing strategic ties with other technology companies, strengthen supply chains global, but above all, evolve your technology focused on users.

According to the above, the technology company has strategic collaborations with Business partners and more than 30 partnerships with leading providers such as Google, AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Microsoft y Qualcomm.

Ana Sofía Peterson Public Relations Manager of HONOR Mexico (Photo: Courtesy HONOR)
Ana Sofía Peterson Public Relations Manager of HONOR Mexico (Photo: Courtesy HONOR)

In the case of the latter, they have had an important relationship, because thanks to this their series HONOR 50 it was his first smartphone using the Snapdragon 778G and with services.

“This also illustrates the capabilities of our team, giving Qualcomm confidence that the 778G, 888 Plus will be put to good use in our hands. I think this made us overcome the challenges of the industry, ”Peterson said.

In its technology integrates a variety of scenarios of use such as the 1 + 8 + N strategy, where 1 means an HONOR smartphone, 8 categories of proprietary devices and a wide range of products from our partners to “Create an intelligent life”.

Thus, interconnectivity capabilities allow smartphones, PCs, tablets, watches, headphones, smart displays and other devices Smart brands connect with each other and support the continuous flow of more services.

Image of an illustrative selfie with an HONOR 50 (Photo: HONOR)
Image of an illustrative selfie with an HONOR 50 (Photo: HONOR)

Regarding the supply chain, they have well-established relationships with suppliers and distributors from their initial stage. They also submit to the certified security review from Google Play Protect and the compatibility testing process to ensure they are ready to run Google apps and Google Play Store.

It should be noted that their devices have Google Mobile Services (GMS) pre-installed. This is an advantage because consumers can experience fully equipped smartphones and tablets.

Although all of the above has a technological and commercial focus for the company, it is very important to consider all the user experience. In fact, all the aspects already mentioned culminate in this last item.

“At HONOR we consider that the main focus of the user is the user experience, where we have implemented since our foundation the Magic customization layer, which provides a convenient and fluid experience. The HONOR 50 is equipped with the updated 4.2 Magic User Interface, which offers a creative set of features that allow users to always stay connected, ”said the representative.

HONOR Magicbook (Foto: HONOR)
HONOR Magicbook (Foto: HONOR)

Also, your R&D team manufactures different devices, but always taking into account the user demand and future orientation to “create a smart world”

“The consumer is the center of everything, where in the brand we make an in-depth analysis of what they need or the (things) that perhaps they do not find so necessary. For example, during 2020 there was a difficult time, where the pandemic affected everyone; in this way, HONOR knew he had to focus on technologies that were indispensable tools for people, thinking of products that will work for work, study, exercise or for entertainment at home ”.

Currently the company also implement 5G on your devices, even when the respective countries where they arrive are not yet updated with this technology, with the idea that when they are enabled, users will have immediate availability to it. HONOR operates in 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.


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