Hong Kong: Stand News protest against arrests

As of: 12/30/2021 11:01 a.m.

The arrest of six employees of the pro-democracy news site “Stand News” in Hong Kong is strongly condemned by several states. One country is particularly concerned about the action.

By Eva-Lamby-Schmitt, ARD-Studio Shanghai

“Arbitrary and selective” – ​​this is how a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office in Berlin describes the approach of the authorities in Hong Kong. The so-called security law, which the Chinese central government passed for Hong Kong last year, is used specifically to counter critical voices and critical journalism.

Eva Lamby-Schmitt

Taiwan deeply concerned

The US is pressing for the immediate release of the employees of the media company “Stand News”. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken urged the authorities in China and Hong Kong to stop persecuting the free and independent media.

Taiwan – about 600 kilometers east of Hong Kong – expressed deep concern. China also sees Taiwan as part of the People’s Republic and repeatedly threatens to conquer the island state by force, if not by peaceful means. Taiwan urges international states and democratic allies to look carefully and keep an eye on developments in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong government defends police action

Hong Kong Prime Minister Carrie Lam defended the police’s actions: “These measures are about the enforcement of the law. It has nothing to do with the so-called suppression of freedom of the press or the suppression of democracy, as some put it. So I would say no one should associate police law enforcement with freedom of the press. ”

In the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which is actually governed by autonomy, the authorities have been cracking down on activists and journalists since the Security Act came into force. On Wednesday, more than 200 police officers searched the editorial office of “Stand News” and the homes of several editors. Six employees were arrested. The pro-democracy news site then ceased operations.

International protest against arrests in Hong Kong

Eva Schmitt, ARD Shanghai, 30.12.2021 · 10:16 p.m.


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