HBO ranking in Colombia: Top 8 of the most watched series today Wednesday, December 29

You can spend hours browsing HBO trying to find something to watch, but why would you waste your time when the streaming service has already done the work for you?

We talk about HBO’s list of the best series in Colombia, which ranks titles based on who is watching what at the moment. Keep scrolling for more details.

2. Big Bang

As physicists Leonard and Sheldon round out their gang of geeks with Howard and Raj, aspiring actress Penny occupies the flat across the street.

3. Foster, the house of imaginary friends

Many children have imaginary friends but they abandon them when they grow up, that is why there is the “Foster’s home”, a mansion where imaginary friends from all childhood stay who are abandoned by their creators when they grow up, they can live until they are adopted by another child. Mac, an 8-year-old boy of great intelligence and heart, and his imaginary friend Blooregard Q. Kazoo or (simply Bloo) live their adventures there, as they do not want to be separated yet.

4. Tom and Jerry in New York

Follow the iconic duo as they settle into their new excavations at New York’s Royal Gate Hotel and wreak havoc on the big city.

5. Euphoria

A reflection on adolescence through a group of high school students who have to deal with recurring themes of their age, such as drugs, sex and violence.

6. Why women kill

It focuses on the lives of three women living across decades: a housewife in the 1960s, a celebrity in the 1980s, and a lawyer in 2018. Each tries to deal with their husbands’ infidelities in their own way.

8. Loli’s luck

The story revolves around Loli Aguilar, a bohemian and successful woman who works as an executive. As Loli’s career continues to climb, she puts her love life aside, taking a backseat as she enjoys her freedom and a life without compromises.

9. In Search of Magic Mike

Fearing no longer having charm, ten men strip their souls and bodies for a unique opportunity to perform on the Magic Mike stage in Las Vegas and take home $ 100,000 in this exciting and sexy competition reality series.

10. ALF

The spaceship of a small alien from the planet Melmac crashes into Earth. The Tanners, a typical American family, take him into their home and hide him not only from the authorities, but also from neighbors, friends and relatives, because they believe that otherwise the life of the friendly alien (whom they call Alf) would run danger. Very soon Alf becomes one of the family, but he will also create problems of coexistence, since he is a comfortable and uneducated being who only thinks about eating and watching TV.

As you may have noticed, the series are living their golden age. HBO uses this increased demand to keep millions of subscribers hooked.

There are productions of all kinds and for all tastes: fantasy, humor, action, drama … so take the opportunity to watch several episodes in a row, even until the end of the season! You know what you will always find them on HBO.

Do you have any idea what your next favorite show is? Are you planning the next marathon? 24 hours a day will not be enough to see all these hits!

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