Future podcast: understand all languages? So what?


Status: 12/30/2021 12:20 p.m.

Suppose we understand all languages. How well can an in-ear translator, a “Babelfish”, work? What is lost when we stop learning foreign languages? A thought experiment.

Birthe Sönnichsen
ARD capital studio

Markus Sambale
ARD capital studio

There are between 6500 and 7000 different languages ​​worldwide. To learn all of them should hardly be possible within a human lifetime. But what if intelligent technology could help us? What if, for example, a small button in the ear enables us to understand 70 different languages ​​and more in one fell swoop?

What would that do to us? How would our everyday life change? What would we gain – and what would we lose? And how far is the current technology on the way?

The two correspondents answer these questions Birthe Sönnichsen and Markus Sambale from the ARD capital studio in Berlin and look for the future podcast of daily News together with experts for answers.

Understand all languages? So what?

12/30/2021 5:00 am

Thought experiments in the Tagesschau podcast

“sometimes accepted” is the award-winning * future podcast of the daily News. Every 14 days a team of six correspondents thinks from the ARD capital studio in Berlin a current political idea into the future and plays through the possible consequences in a thought experiment: Let’s assume that Germany would no longer export weapons – what would the political consequences be? Or suppose that cash would be abolished – what effects would that have on our everyday lives and the economy?

Numerous experts help to find answers to these questions, positive examples from other countries show what is already possible elsewhere today and thus provide new impulses in political debates.

You can listen to the audio podcast “once accepted” at home or on the go on your smartphone at any time. Every Thursday a new episode appears here on our website in the Tagesschau app, in the ARD Audiothek and on numerous other podcast platforms.

* Winner of the “Prix Europa” 2020 in the “Digital Audio Project” category


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