COVID-19: Peru registers 1,932 new positive cases and 3,199 hospitalized in the last 24 hours

COVID-19: Peru registers 1,932 new positive cases and 3,199 hospitalized in the last 24 hours. (Photo: Capture Minsa)

Situation of Peru vis-à-vis COVID-19. In the last report issued by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) it was observed that during the last 24 hours there were 1,932 new positive cases with the new coronavirus.

Regarding the case of deceased patients, the Minsa reported that due to a problem with the server it was not possible to include the number of deaths in the last hours.


It is important to mention that since the beginning of the pandemic, the WHO recommended carrying out tests to discard SARS-CoV-2, in order to have an overview and control over the COVID-19 virus. Peru did it and from the beginning of the pandemic until December 28 they were processed 21 million 656,119 samples, of which the following result was obtained: positive cases totaled 2 million 287,494 and negative cases 19 million 368,625.

Regarding the last taking of discard tests, which was last Tuesday, they were carried out 64,301 tests and 1,932 were positive.

It should be noted once again that these data have a start date of March 6 and an end date of December 28. The Peruvian government will continue to carry out further tests in order to continue mapping the current landscape of the virus in the country.


Another important data is that of hospitalized patients and until last Tuesday it was found 3,199 people hospitalized for the disease in question. Of that total 902 hospitalized are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with mechanical ventilation.

The number of people who overcame the disease is encouraging, because of the total positive cases 2 million 270,349 people managed to defeat the disease and they were discharged or completed the indicated isolation period.

During December 28 89 people in total received medical discharge.

Finally, the Minsa regretted to provide the figure that has mourned the entire country and it is about all the deceased by COVID-19 recorded by Peru that since the beginning of the pandemic and There are 202,584 deaths from the new coronavirus.

GIVEN: The first deceased in Peru was announced on March 19, 2020 and it was a 78-year-old man who had pre-existing diseases such as high blood pressure.

COVID-19 situation room until December 28 in Peru.  (Photo: Capture Minsa)
COVID-19 situation room until December 28 in Peru. (Photo: Capture Minsa)


The number of infections of the omicron variant in Peru keep moving forward. The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos confirmed that so far 116 cases have been reported with this new strain of the COVID-19.

Of this total number of infections, 112 are from Lima and Callao, 3 in Sullana and 1 in Chimbote. However, Cevallos warned that in the capital and the First Port, 17% of the cases that are being presented now and are being studied could be suspected of being omicron.

“The number of cases we have at this time continues to rise, but in a moderate way, so extreme care must be taken during these parties due to the socialization that there is and that causes infections to skyrocket”stressed the health minister.

Although the Minister Cevallos He indicated that the infections with these variants are not accelerated, he asked the population to maintain the respective care so as not to become infected and to prevent the omicron from spreading to other regions and becoming uncontrollable.

Despite the appearance of omicron cases, the predominant variant of the coronavirus in Peru is the Delta, responsible for the majority of positive cases in the country.


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