City assembly calls for the end of “scooter-mikado” in city centers

Status: December 30, 2021 11:30 a.m.

When they were approved in 2019, e-scooters were celebrated – after all, they were supposed to promote car-free mobility. But now the accidents are increasing. The City Council therefore demands stricter regulation of vehicles from politicians.

The German Association of Cities has complained about chaotic conditions in city centers due to an excessive number of electric scooters and has called for stricter regulation from the federal government. “The scooter-Mikado in public spaces has to stop,” said managing director Helmut Dedy of the “Rheinische Post”. After the euphoria of the first few years, adjustments now urgently need to be made. For example, municipalities should be able to set upper limits for excessively full city centers.

Dedy also called for “negative signage” to be introduced for e-scooters. “We need traffic signs that clearly state that e-scooters are prohibited here, but bicycles are still allowed,” he said. In addition, it has long been technically possible to use the electronics of the vehicles to automatically protect sensitive urban areas, such as pedestrian zones and parks, from dangerously fast scooters. The federal government must finally respond to this, too, demanded Dedy.

Traffic watch for prohibition of alcohol and compulsory helmet

The German traffic watch demanded a general alcohol ban for e-scooter drivers and the introduction of helmets. Its president Kurt Bodewig told the newspaper that electric scooters have become a major problem for road safety. “Too often you see drunk people in the cities on their e-scooters.” This is “extremely dangerous”, not only for the driver, but often also for pedestrians who are not involved. Bodewig also suggested that those who cause an accident on an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol should have their driver’s license withdrawn.

The approval of the scooter for road traffic in 2019 was “hip”, but it was not done responsibly, criticized Bodewig and referred to a number of road fatalities in the double-digit range. Improvements to the road traffic rules are urgently required. In addition, the unregulated parking of the scooters is a major problem for people with disabilities.

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