Bundestag members Witt and Huber leave AfD

As of: 12/30/2021 3:09 p.m.

The AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag is getting smaller: Two MPs have announced their departure from the party. The motives for Uwe Witt and Johannes Huber are extremely different.

The Schleswig-Holstein AfD member of the Bundestag Uwe Witt has announced his departure from the party and parliamentary group. As a reason, he named “border crossings” by other AfD members.

He had already pointed out earlier that he would draw conclusions if these “border crossings” should reach the parliamentary group or the federal executive committee did not show “a clear edge”. Witt wrote that in a message to the AfD federal office and the state office in Kiel, which is available to the German press agency.

Uwe Witt leaves the AfD, but wants to keep his parliamentary mandate.

Witt was considered a representative of the moderate current in the AfD. He wants to speak publicly about his departure in mid-January. He wants to continue exercising his mandate in the Bundestag.

Huber apparently draws conclusions from Telegram chat

The Bavarian AfD member of the Bundestag Johannes Huber is also leaving the party and parliamentary group. The “Spiegel” reports, citing co-parliamentary group leader Tino Chrupalla.

According to “Spiegel” information, Huber drew conclusions from chats in a Telegram group. Several news flows had become known: On the one hand He is said to have described in detail how to get a positive corona test result without being sick yourself. Compared to the BR Huber later said that his entry was not meant seriously. However, the Landshut public prosecutor’s office had announced that it would check the statements.

On the other hand, Huber expressed himself in Telegram chats Contrasts-Information openly anti-Semitic; The news also shows a connection to Attila Hildmann – the cookbook author is known as a supporter of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

In a letter that “Spiegel” has received, Huber is said to have justified his resignation from the party with the fact that attention should “generally not be on temporary diversionary maneuvers such as published Telegram comments”.

Johannes Huber was apparently fatally a Telegram chat.

Bild: picture alliance/dpa

Chrupalla: Witt and Huber should resign

Co-parliamentary group leader Chrupalla appealed to Witt and Huber, according to “Spiegel”, to renounce their parliamentary mandates. “I regret your decision, but I would have expected that you would give back your mandates, which you have acquired through the party, in order to give successors the opportunity to maintain the strength of the AfD faction in the Bundestag,” Chrupalla said according to the magazine.

With Witt and Huber, the AfD has 82 seats in the Bundestag. There are a total of 736 members in parliament.


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