Brazil.- Death toll from the floods in the Brazilian state of Bahia rises to about 25


The death toll due to the floods registered in the Brazilian state of Bahia (northeast) has risen to 24, according to the Superintendency of Protection and Civil Defense (Sudec), which has indicated that more than 90,000 people are displaced.

The agency has highlighted that 91,258 people have had to leave their homes because of the disaster, while about 630,000 people have been affected, as reported by the Brazilian newspaper ‘O Globo’.

Likewise, it has stated that the number of injured has risen to 434, while 136 localities in the state remain under a state of emergency due to the material damage caused by torrential rains and floods.

The balance has been published after the Minister of Regional Development of Brazil, Roberto Marinho, criticized the opposition on Wednesday for the “politicization” they would have made of the floods, after criticizing the president, Jair Bolsonaro, who did not interrupt his vacations to travel to the affected areas.

Bolsonaro has been widely criticized for not interrupting his holidays in Santa Catarina to go to the areas affected by the heavy rains registered last weekend in the south and southwest of the state of Bahia.

The opposition maintains that the indifference shown by Bolsonaro, who was in the area more than two weeks ago when the first rains began to fall, is due to the fact that the region, one of the bastions of the Brazilian left, is governed by the Party. of the Workers (PT).

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