Authorities dismantled three gangs dedicated to committing crimes in the south of Bogotá

Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted 24 individuals accused of committing crimes in the south of Bogotá. Photo: Bogotá City Hall

This Wednesday, December 29, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá reported that 24 individuals belonging to three criminal gangs, who are accused of committing different crimes south of the capital, were prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office and sent to jail.

The authorities indicated that the individuals were prosecuted for crimes such as homicide, terrorism, extortion, trafficking, manufacture and sale of narcotic drugs, conspiracy to commit a crime and qualified theft, among others, which were committed in the towns of Rafael Uribe Uribe, Usme, San Cristóbal and Ciudad Bolívar.

The Bogotá Sectional Office of Prosecutors, together with the Gaula and Sijin Judicial Police, dismantled three important criminal organizations in the capital. ‘Outsorsing Gaor 10 La Finca’, ‘Osiris’ and ‘Morocco’. Twenty-four people with an intramural security measure ”, pointed out the Bogotá sectional director of the Prosecutor’s Office, José Manuel Martínez.

Within the investigations, the authorities were able to establish that the criminal gang called ‘Outsorsing Gaor 10 La Finca’ is dedicated to collecting a so-called ‘war tax’ for the dissidents of the demobilized FARC guerrilla and carrying out inter-municipal bus burns. , as well as the sale of narcotics in the Diana Turbay, Molinos, Morocco, Puentes, Palermo and Usme Pueblo neighborhoods.

“The Prosecutor’s Office charged them with the crimes of aggravated homicide, conspiracy to commit a crime for the purpose of extortion, terrorism, trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotic substances, qualified theft, manufacture, traffic, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition; manufacture, trafficking or carrying arms, restricted-use ammunition for the exclusive use of the armed forces or explosives”, Indicated the district administration.

For their part, the authorities also managed to dismantle the gang known as ‘Osiris’, which apparently would dedicate itself to committing selective homicides and would be related to four events, at the same time, which is accused of selling drugs in the towns of Rafael Uribe Uribe and San Cristóbal.

In turn, the organization called ‘Morocco’ would be linked to the sale of narcotics under the modality of drug dealing, especially, bazuco ballots, in the Morocco, Diana Turbay and Bochica neighborhoods of the town of Ciudad Bolívar, which is why the Prosecutor charged its members with the manufacture and sale of narcotics.

In the last week of the year, the authorities continue to carry out and intensify their work against criminals, to end with a positive balance in the fight against different crimes that affect the country’s economy and the tranquility of Colombians.

Some days ago, The Highway Police released the ‘Most Wanted’ poster for “theft in the form of land piracy”. In total, 13 people are part of the poster, among them a single woman stood out, who was captured in the last hours.

This was confirmed by the Bogota authorities on Tuesday, December 28, stating that she had been captured. Jenny Johanna Linares Ortiz, alias ‘Jenny’, the only woman who was part of the most wanted poster for the crime of land piracy in the city of Bogotá.

According to the National Police, the crime of ‘land piracy’ is understood as the criminal activity of “Theft of cargo or passenger transport vehicles, through the use of different maneuvers defined as punishable by law”. In other words, these are the people who threaten drivers and passengers from different areas of the city and strip them of their belongings or cargo.


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