Austria’s ex-Chancellor: Kurz probably hires at Tech-Investor

As of: 12/30/2021 10:58 a.m.

According to media reports, Austria’s former Chancellor Kurz has a new job. Accordingly, he will work next year as a “global strategist” for the tech investor and Trump supporter Thiel.

According to media reports, the former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will work for the German-American technology investor Peter Thiel in the future. The 35-year-old has confirmed that he will work as a “global strategist” for Thiel Capital from the first quarter, reported the “Kronenzeitung” and the news portal “Heute”, citing Kurz.

Immediately after his resignation from all political offices at the beginning of this month, the Austrian media had already speculated that Kurz would be hiring for a high-tech company in California’s Silicon Valley.

Thiel supported Trump in the election campaign

Born in Frankfurt, Thiel was one of the founders of the online payment service PayPal and the first external investor of Facebook (now Meta). He also founded the data analysis company Palantir, whose monitoring software was used by governments such as the US government. Thiel is considered politically conservative and supported ex-President Donald Trump with campaign donations. As “Today” reports, Kurz and Thiel have known each other for many years.

Kurz resigned as Austria’s Chancellor at the beginning of October due to ongoing corruption allegations and withdrew from all political offices at the beginning of December. Speculations that Kurz could join Palantir Technologies was rejected by the latter.

With information from Clemens Verenkotte, ARD-Studio Vienna

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