All Together: Whose side are you on?

Buenos Aires Legislature

Events that occurred in the last few days continue to feed our capacity for wonder, they once again highlight the serious institutional problems that our country faces and they enable some reflections to bear in mind to start a 2022 that will be difficult but we will have to walk with hope and committed to the common good.

All Together (Front of All and Together for Change) should realize that Without respect for the rules, there is no way to deal with the serious problems caused by the high rate of poverty and exclusion, inflation and stagnation that we have suffered for many decades.

The citizenship is realizing that in the basements of power (for example, the so-called “intelligence services”, gambling, the fiefdoms of the mayors) the so-called and disastrous “crack” is not configured because the last governments, without distinction of partisan signs or ideological disguises, kept these dark cellars intact and used them in similar ways. It matters little who did it to the greatest degree or to the worst. These are criminal behaviors that destroy trust – the pillar of democracy and its institutions -, destroy rights and open the way to authoritarianism. Behaviors such as spying on friends and strangers, maintaining the privileges of gambling entrepreneurs (all of whom contribute heavily to the financing of politics) or protecting the “eternity” of mayors are shared by both sides of the rift.

All Together should realize that the majority of society increases its legitimate indignation at a leadership that it sees increasingly distant from its daily concerns. This opens the doors to “anti-politics” which, as we know, is just another way of doing politics in favor of those who postulate it. There are those who still need to see life in black and white and thus line up behind leaders so negative that they provoke widespread social rejection. Indeed, the main figures from the opposite sidewalks have a terrible image in about two-thirds of the population. Columniated behind these leaders, their followers try to justify in their own the same behaviors against which they declaim when they are strangers.

Citizens are realizing that a large sector of the leadership shows what issues really concern them and how they are able to put the gap aside. Thus they agreed – except for honorable exceptions – to eliminate the law that was passed a few years ago in order to avoid the indefinite reelection of the mayors of the province of Buenos Aires. For this question, which is of no interest to society, it was easy for them to agree and be “efficient”, to the point that they dealt with it in both provincial chambers in a single day, without formalities or prior opinion and at the end of December, when almost nothing is resolved in Argentina. Beyond some sincere or occasional repudiation, the main leaders did nothing to avoid a gross institutional setback that consolidates, in many cases, feudal powers and reinforces the distance between those who eternally manage local governments and the people they should represent. .

Todos Juntos should realize that it is not lawful to use intelligence services to manipulate court cases, whether to achieve a conviction or acquittal.; that it is a serious crime that is enhanced when acting from power. The victims or the beneficiaries of the maneuvers do not matter, but rather the fact of altering the judicial functioning, which affects the very essence of democracy and one of its founding principles: equality before the Law. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can justify this type of action. behaviors that, in the end, harm the system and often end up benefiting criminals.

Citizens are realizing that those who acted in this way during their government administrations come out later to accuse “the other” of doing the same thing they did. On the other hand, those who are accused today do not go out to assume – or at least, define – their responsibility or give the explanations they owe to society.

Todos Juntos should see that citizens are realizing the need to promote a respectful and honest debate, because only based on broad agreements that lead to sustainable and sustained state policies will it be possible to face our very serious problems and that, To achieve these agreements, it is essential to repudiate each one of the crimes and acts contrary to essential democratic principles, regardless of where they come from.

Citizens are on the side of Argentina, Todos Juntos, whose side are they on?


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