Alfonso Mejía died, figure of the golden cinema and “Pedro” in Luis Buñuel’s The Forgotten

Alfonso Mejía Silva starred in the classic film that showed the stark face of poverty in the Mexican city Photo: Archive

The death of Alfonso Mejía Silvia has been announced, one of the actors who stood out in the Mexican golden cinema and who was part of the cast of the emblematic Mexican film The forgotten, released in 1950 This was announced by the Twitter account of Televisa Shows:

“Alfonso Mejía Silva died of natural causes, remembered for his role as Pedro in The forgotten by Luis Buñuel, considered Memory of the World by UNESCO. He was 87 years old. “

The movie that caused a stir in its time and opinions found when showing the harshness of precariousness in Mexico City, starred the now-deceased artist, who would later become a heartthrob of the so-called golden age.

Mejía withdrew from Mexican cinema at the end of his participation in the film "Ruby" 1970 Photo: Archive
Mejía retired from Mexican cinema after finishing his participation in the 1970 film “Rubí” Photo: Archive

Alfonso Mejía was born in the capital city on December 16, 1934. It was at 15 when by a group of friends who encouraged him, performed the audition of the production house Ultramar Films to choose the main character of the film from the creative period of the “Mexican Buñuel”.

Finally, thanks to his histrionic gifts and expressive face, Alfonso was chosen for the film that painted a “very degrading portrait of social classes”, according to the opinion of some characters of those years. Such is the case of Jorge Negrete, who at that time presided over the National Association of ANDA Actors and tried to persuade Buñuel to film the story, by giving an image that, he claimed, “did not correspond to Mexico.”

Foto: Mediateca INAH
Foto: Mediateca INAH

After his success in the film, he managed to appear at the Cannes festival and won 11 Ariel Awards by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Sciences and Arts, including that of Best Child Actor for Mejía, the actor developed a prolific career in the cinema.

He also received two nominations: one for the film. Our father, from 1954, and another by The tunnel, from 1956. He also stood out in other films such as The beloved (1951), directed by Emilio Fernández. In Unbridled youth alternated with Columba Domínguez in 1956, to later appear in The age of temptation, in 1959.

In 1952 he participated with Arturo de Córdova, Ramón Gay and Marga López in My wife and the other; with Maricruz Olivier and Tere Velázquez highlighted in Quinceañera, of 1960, followed by Tomorrow they will be men, Youth without God Y For my guns where he appeared next to Mario Moreno Cantinflas, in 1968.

The last film appearance of the late actor was in 1970, in Ruby, starring the also defunct Iran Eory.

It is known that after that filming decided to retire from the artistic life to dedicate his time to his family, composed of his wife Carmelita -who was his admirer for years and with whom he exchanged correspondence-, as well as his children and grandchildren. The actor spent the last few years resting in Chihuahua.

After his retirement, he dedicated himself to working in that town, on Channel 28 television, performing work as a producer and advisor. He also served as a teacher at the Television Training Center.

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