Silvia Pinal left the hospital and is already at home

The actress is at home after having overcome covid-19 (Photo: Instagram / @ takebtake)

On the afternoon of this December 29 it was reported that Silvia Pinal was discharged from the hospital in which she was admitted since last December 22 after having tested positive for COVID-19.

After being hospitalized for almost a week for having been positive for SARS-Cov-2 and presenting problems in the urinary tract, Silvia Pinal returned home. This is how his daughter made it known Sylvia Pasquel for the magazine Who:

“I found out that he is going to leave the hospital, I suppose he must be arriving at his house by now. What happened is that it was decided, instead of transferring her to another normal therapy room, it was better to take her home with all the care ”.

Televisa Shows reported through his Twitter account that the actress was taken home in a ambulance and the medical assistance necessary for you to continue your recovery in the company of your family.

Pasquel announced that his mother will remain in strict isolation, with only a few visits a day.

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