Magaly Medina met Antonio Pavón in Spain and they shared an emotional moment

Magaly Medina met again with Antonio Pavón in Spain. (Photo: Instagram)

Magaly Medina traveled to Spain with her husband Alfredo Zambrano to receive 2022 accompanied by some friends. During his passage through this country, the ‘Urraca’ went to the restaurant of Antonio Pavón’s family to spend a pleasant moment together, because as is known, they are friends of the notary.

Likewise, the television host took advantage of the moment to greet the Spaniard and record a video for his Instagram account, in which he showed the premises of the ex-boy Rality with his family.

The ex-partner of Sheyla Rojas could not help but show her happiness by having Magaly medina at home, so he dedicated a message of good wishes for the new year that is coming.

Godmother, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and that whenever you come to Fuengirola you have to come to Lima 12″ Commented the bullfighter while the ‘Urraca’ appeared smiling in the clip.

As it is recalled, Antonio Pavón affectionately calls Magaly Medina “godmother”, who confessed in one of her programs that it was she who launched the bullfighter to fame, this at the special request of her husband Alfredo Zambrano.

However, in all these years of friendship they have, they also went through moments of tension, especially when the controversial journalist came out in defense of Sheyla rojas after the Spanish asked for the custody of his son.

The comments of Antonio Pavon they were not to the liking of Magaly medina, as he pointed out that he sent her quite hurtful messages and even insulted her, ending the friendship they had at that very moment.

However, years later, they decided to end their differences and the former reality show asked her forgiveness, so now they get along very well, to the point that when the bullfighter comes to Lima, she receives him at her home.


He stays one more year. Magaly medina is one of the figures of ATV for becoming one of the leaders of the entertainment programs at the national level, something that has caused the television house to be encouraged to renew its contract for one more year.

It’s official, we continue on ATV in 2022, Magaly Medina wrote in her Instagram stories, where she shared an image next to Ney Guerrero. In the snapshot, everyone looks smiling at the presenter’s decision.


Nestor Villanueva He came to the front to answer about the ampay that he made Magaly medina, in which he appears dancing happily with a young woman in Chancay, this after he revealed that his marriage with Flor Polo is going through a crisis.

According to the singer, the lady with whom they captured her is a minor, so her family is evaluating to sue the ‘Urraca’, “This issue of ampay is something delicate that Mrs. Magaly Medina has gotten into, because I have been involved with a 17-year-old girl, who was with her mother, who is my friend for a long time, He said,

, and we all dedicate ourselves to music “


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