KBS Jeonju seeks reinstatement as a broadcast writer after unfair dismissal

– Labor, civic and social groups have urged the reinstatement of writer A, who was fired from working at the press office of the KBS Jeonju Broadcasting Bureau, as soon as possible. On the 9th, the Jeonbuk Provincial Labor Relations Commission recognized Mr. A as a worker under the Labor Standards Act and accepted Mr. A’s application for unfair dismissal against KBS Jeonju.

– Broadcast writer friends made up of the Broadcasting Writers’ Branch of the Media Union and civil and social groups held a candlelight vigil in front of the main gate of KBS Jeonju on the afternoon of the 29th and said, “According to the judgment of the Jeonbuk Jino Committee, we urged the writer to be reinstated immediately and transferred the responsibility to the headquarters. We condemn KBS Jeonju for neglecting it.”

– According to the Broadcasting Writers Branch, an interview between the branch and KBS Jeonju was held on the 27th, and at this point, KBS Jeonju said, “The KBS headquarters is in charge of this matter, and there is no response plan at the Jeonju general government level.” There are no specific plans related to it,” he said.

– In response, the branch said, “Even though it was an unfair dismissal case that took place within the Jeonju General Office, the Jeonju General Director and the Reporting Director only repeated the position that they should wait for the judgment of the head office legal team.” They are neglecting their responsibilities as a public broadcaster without showing any will.”

Distribution of revised construction safety guidelines by the National Homeland Security Administration

– The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Homeland Safety Management Agency announced on the 29th that they would distribute construction safety guidelines for the prevention of accidents at construction sites from the 30th.

– The manager said, “So far, the construction safety guidelines have been criticized for not sufficiently meeting the safety obligations of the parties involved in the construction work, such as the ordering party, supervisors, contractors, and workers. We focused on clarifying safety roles and responsibilities for each participant by subdividing them into three volumes, one for each participant,” he emphasized.

– For the production of this guideline, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Management Institute analyzed 100 cases of construction accidents accumulated in the Construction Safety Management Comprehensive Information Network (CSI) to derive the things that construction participants should follow.

– For example, it is necessary to present the case of an accident in which a worker checking pipe connection died due to the collapse of soil during the rainwater pipe laying construction as an example, and to confirm the establishment of a work plan including the piling plan such as the slope of the excavated slope and the soil and the arrangement of the signal water. I put my back.

– When the work is approved, the work plan such as the excavation slope and the need to check safety measures in advance were included.

– Director Park Young-soo said, “The new guidelines will be usefully used not only for safety education for workers but also for safety management at construction sites by clients and contractors, thereby contributing to the prevention of construction accidents.” I hope it works as you say.


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