Janet Barboza makes fun of Ethel Pozo again: “No friend has taken me out of her circle”

Janet Barboza reminded her of Ethel Pozo when Melissa Paredes denied her as her friend. (Photo: Instagram)

During the last edition of America Today, Janet Barboza did not hesitate to make fun of her partner Ethel Pozo. And it is that the popular ‘Rulitos’ once again remembered the incident between Melissa Paredes and the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel, who was surprised to hear that she did not belong to the close circle of friends of the former model.

This moment occurred when the television host suggested to the magazine’s production that they make a sequence called ‘The friends I lost’, in reference to the ex-beauty queen’s departure.

Ethel Pozo upon hearing the suggestion of her partner, pointed out that she did not lose any friends this year, assuring that there is still a friendship between her and Melissa even though they do not work together.

Ma’am, you have lost more than me, with the fair they make me the joke of Melissa that I have not lost it, but you ufff”Said Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter with a laugh.

Far from being silent, Janet Barboza She did not remain calm and responded with everything to Ethel Pozo, noting that no one has denied her on national television, remembering when Melissa Paredes did not consider her within her inner circle.

I want to tell you in honor of the truth that no friend of mine has taken me out of his circle like you“Commented the ‘Rulitos’, causing the other drivers to burst out laughing.

For its part, Ethel Pozo Instead of responding to Janet, she made the decision to nip the joke in the bud and pretend she hadn’t heard anything, so she quickly changed the subject to forget everything her partner said at the time.


Ethel Pozo Y Melissa Paredes They are still friends despite the fact that the former beauty queen was separated from América Hoy due to the scandals in which she was involved after the ampay made by Magaly Medina with Anthony Aranda.

The television host affirmed that the former beauty queen will be the godmother of her wedding with Julián Alexander, this despite the fact that at some point the model pointed out that she did not belong to her closest circle of friendship.

Ethel and Julián will get married in 2022 in a big party, where Christian Domínguez and the Grand Orchestra will delight guests with the best of their repertoire. Likewise, Melissa was described at the time as the ‘cupid’ of the relationship between the two.


Ethel Pozo made it clear that one of her dreams is to start a family with her current boyfriend Julian, Therefore, he did not rule out having a child by his side in the not-so-distant future, since they first have to get married.

Everyone knows that I am happy. I feel like, of course, Julian and I want to start a family, and if God blesses us it would of course be most welcome. What God wants, I hope”, manifested


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