Early morning assault in Chorrillos: six men were stripped of their belongings by armed criminals

Terror was what six men lived being mugged by armed criminals at the intersection of Avenida Los Triunfadores with Passage Santa Anita, located in the district of Chorrillos. The victims were workers of a crane company that was preparing to perform its first service of the day, the robbery occurred in front of the office where they work.

According to information from América Noticias, the assault occurred on Tuesday, December 28 at 4:45 am “They were heading to Lurín, there were approximately six people who were inside the combia witness commented. The images show how the first victims were robbed by criminals. They started with the driver and copilot, dropping the driver to the ground while another worker was cornered to carry out the robbery.

In a matter of seconds, they stripped them of their belongings – cell phones, wallets and backpacks – to ask the young people to leave. Those inside the minivan were also robbed. There were two criminals who committed the assault. Despite the fact that one of the managers of the business tried to face him with a stick, I cannot do anything for his colleagues.

On the corner there was also another motorcycle waiting, two motorcycles with four people (….) They stole everything they had, their personal belongings, cell phones, wallets, backpacks. They were threatened, even one of them ran awayadded the witness.

As a result, they have asked the authorities for help to prevent further robberies in the areas, and given the growth of crime in certain areas of Chorrillos, which is part of the insecurity in the country.

“There is too much insecurity, this area of ​​Chorrillos has become a no man’s land. Everywhere, here in the back they always stop stealing and it is not that a motorcycle comes and takes your wallet: they take out pistols, they stop at the corner and there is no patrol car ”, ended.


A surprising case occurred a few days ago in the same district. A woman jumped from the rooftop on an eighth floor of a multi-family building La Plazuela de Chorrillos. A unit of the fire department arrived at the scene to give him medical attention. According to the neighbors, she was overwhelmed by the ill health that afflicted her.

“What she was saying is that she wanted to kill herself. She was tired, she has been suffering from illnesses for a long time “a neighbor of the residential commented to the cameras of Panamericana Televisión.

According to the neighbors, an unusual noise was heard, as if a tire had gone flat. Alerted, they went out to see what happened and found the woman. They quickly asked for help to assist her.

It was approximately 10:20 am when the noise was heard. “Up on the roof we have video from the security cameras. First, you can see him climbing the tower, walk along the edge, and that is where he has climbed by ropes, then he cannot be seen, because the wall covers it “, explained one of the witnesses.


After the celebrations for Christmas, hundreds of bathers did not hesitate to go to Agua Dulce beach in the Chorrillos district, taking advantage of the day off and the rays of the sun that shine through the capital.

However, they cared little about the biosecurity measures that the Government has imposed after the appearance of the new omicron variant in our country.


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