CDMX metro: Zócalo-Tenochtitlan station remains closed

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The mobility authorities of the Collective Transport System (STC) Metro of Mexico City announced that the station Zócalo-Tenochtitlán of Line 2 It will be closed until further notice.

In accordance with Televisa newscasts, the station was closed in order avoid crowds and prevent COVID-19 infections. However, the STC has not provided any explanation.

So far, it has been suspended for more than 24 hours.

How to try to recover an object lost in the Metro

Bicycles, strollers, suitcases with clothes, badges, personal documents, an electric motorcycle and cell phones are some of the 615 items received by the Metro Office for Lost Objects in 2021. Only 55 of them returned to their owners.

The largest amount were credentials from the National Electoral Institute (OTHER), of the National Institute of Older Adults (INAPAM) and driver’s licenses, as well as backpacks and mobile phones.

The gradual increase in the influx of users during this year was also reflected in the number of items forgotten inside its facilities, since last year the office only received 243 items, of which a 10%approximately it was claimed and returned to those who proved to be the owners.

(Foto: Sedatu)
(Foto: Sedatu)

Where is the lost and found office located?

The Office of Lost Objects is located in the mezzanine of the Candelaria de la Line 4, that runs from Santa Anita to Martín Carrera and for more than four decades has offered this service to users.

How do I know if my object is in the Metro office?

It is important that you make sure that the object is in the office at the station Candelaria; For this, the Metro Collective Transport System makes the telephone numbers available to users 55-42-53-97 or 56-27-46-43, where you can check if the lost belongings are found there.

You can talk about 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Likewise, the current protocol for delivering objects to users is through an appointment by Whatsapp at call center from the User Service Management, to the numbers 55-5009-1930 ó 55-4607-6806; or contact in the email [email protected]

How to recover what was lost in the Metro?

If the object is found in the Office of Lost Objects, you must present yourself with the original of the voter’s credential or some identification official that proves your identity.

Dogs rescued from the CDMX Metro will send a letter to the Three Wise Men

(Photo: CTC CDMX)
(Photo: CTC CDMX)

For the third consecutive year, the dogs of the Canine Transfer Center (CTC) of the Metro will be assistants of the Magi, in order to take the letters of the girls and boys to Melchior Caspar and Balthazar.

This initiative aims to contribute to the conservation of the environment, by inviting the little ones to send your requests to the Magi via email instead of by means of balloons inflated with helium that can contaminate falling into rivers, lakes or grasslands and even be ingested by other animals.

On this occasion, the open mail for children to send their applications is [email protected], Through which the letters that will be transferred by the 25 dogs that live in the CTC will be received.

Letters can be sent until next January 5, date in which the lomitos will leave for that magical place where the Three Kings live.


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