A textbook for nurturing migrant worker activists has been released

▲ Confederation of Trade Unions

The KCTU announced on the 29th that it has published the migrant labor movement textbook in 8 languages.

Yang Kyung-soo, chairman of the KCTU, said in his publication address, “The comrades of migrant workers, the main actors of the movement, are the core driving force that will lead the KCTU and hope to change Korean society.” It contains the history left behind by the movement and the content of solidarity with other social minorities who suffer like migrant workers.”

The textbook consists of five paragraphs: △Who are the workers △What is a labor union △The reality and challenges of migrant workers in Korea △The history of the labor movement and the migrant labor movement in Korea △The world we need to create. Officials of the Seongseo Industrial Complex Union, the Metal Workers’ Union West Mountain Branch, the Migrant Workers Movement Supporters Association, and the Ulsan Migrant Center participated in the writing. It was published in Korean, English, Chinese, Nepalese, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Vietnamese.

This is the first time that the KCTU has published a textbook to nurture migrant worker executives and activists. There were materials on the Labor Law and Minimum Wage Act for redressing the rights of migrant workers, and the Migrant Workers Rights Handbook, but there were no labor movement textbooks. Shin So-yeon, head of the U.S. Strategic Organization of the KCTU, said, “There was a need and demand for the stable expansion of the migrant union and for migrant workers to grow into organized activists. I felt the need for a multilingual textbook that explains and created it.”

The Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) plans to conduct a pilot education for nurturing migrant activists together with the Migrant Union and the Seongseo Industrial Complex using this textbook.


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