Vania Bludau meets Christian Domínguez and complains LIVE: “You left me with two schnauzers and not half a kilo of food”

Vania Bludau puts Christian Domínguez in trouble. (Photo: Instagram / América TV)

Vania Bludau was present in the program America Today and came face to face with Christian Domínguez. Far from being uncomfortable, the model even joked with the singer. The young woman pointed out that she was surprised to learn that the singer was in the space of America TV and she had not been absent, as she had when Isabel Acevedo was a guest.

Given this, Christian pointed out that he has no problem with her, unlike the popular Chabelita.

At another time, the drivers played a game, they had to write what they remembered about their exs. Janet Barboza took the opportunity to tell him that Frank Dello Russo, to whom the model was engaged, asked his current partner to marry him.

He also indicated that Frank made this request in the same style as he did with Vania Bludau. Given this, the young woman pointed out: “Andor not really put (written) anything, I don’t know anything about my ex. In the same style? So he still doesn’t forget me to do the same ”, he said jokingly.

At another time he said: “The best is always desired for him, he is a boy who always wanted to get married”. However, Janet continued with the questions, but Mario Irivarren’s girlfriend replied: “In that sense I prefer not to comment.”


For his part, Christian Domínguez wrote: “The mother of my children”. Giselo took this comment with grace and made him remember Isabel Acevedo. This is where Vania played along and reproached him as an ex-partner.

“You left me with two schnauzers and not a pound of food”, He told a surprised Christian Domínguez, who asked him not to fall into the game of production. However, Vania ignored him and told him that after the program they would settle accounts, achieving an uncomfortable laugh from the cumbiambero.

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