This is War: Ducelia Echevarría keeps promise and wins the title of Best Competitor 2021

Ducelia Echevarría won against Azul Granton, Paloma Fiuza and Melissa Loza .. (Photo: América TV)

This December 17, Azul Granton, Paloma Fiuza, Melissa Loza and Ducelia Echevarría fought in a tough contest in This is war, in order to achieve the coveted title of the Best Competitor 2021. The first to compete was the oldest of the Loza, managing to finish the circuit in a time of 9 minutes and 35 seconds (9:35:65), then followed by Paloma Fiuza, doing 6 minutes and 47 seconds (6:47:46) .

As time went by, the winner was defined, it was time for Azul Grandton, who managed to finish the game in 5 minutes and 3 seconds (5: 03.67). So far, Argentina was already the winner, who arrived at Esto es Guerra with her boyfriend Matías Ochoa to reinforce the Peruvian team before their confrontation with Guerreros Puerto Rico. However, the couple stayed and dreamed of winning the title of the Peruvian reality show.

And everything indicated that the recognition was already for Azul, until it was time for Ducelia Echevarría, who promised the competitors to win that title, a fact that Gian Piero Díaz reminded her of.

Echevarría managed to complete the circuit in 4 minutes and 35 seconds (4:35:79), thus becoming the Best Competitor of 2021. The combatants celebrated with great emotion, it should be remembered that Pancho Rodríguez won against Patricio Parodi, obtaining the title of Best Competitor of 2021.


This Friday, December 17, Pancho Rodríguez managed to be crowned the best EEG competitor, by achieving the lowest time in the final circuit.

This special moment was lived while Patrick Parodi I was trying to finish the circuit, well Pancho rodriguez When he saw that his companion could not overcome it, he began to cry, being at that very moment embraced by his companions.

It should be noted that the Chilean in recent weeks has been related to Yahaira PlasenciaThis after they were protected in a very affectionate situation, so many thought that he would arrive distracted at the competition.

The truth is that Pancho Rodríguez was finally able to recover his best level and show all the people who criticized him that he can still give a lot of competition in reality.

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