“The landowners must start paying”: Agmeth Escaf goes against Álvaro Uribe

Actor Agmeth Escaf finally got the head of list to the House of Representatives for the department of Atlántico of the Historical Pact, and as if the campaign had already started, it is taking positions on many issues that are in line with what was proposed by the candidate Gustavo Petro.

Petro in the last debate organized by Semana reiterated its proposal to impose the highest tax burden on the 4,000 largest fortunes in the country and on unproductive assets. And without naming him, he pointed out Uribe to be one of those landowners who pay very little in property taxes.

He held that 80% of the fertile land is in the hands of 3,000 of those richest people and, although they own it, they do not exploit it. “They do not produce a cassava bush. That is obviously their heritage, no one is going to take it from them, no one is going to expropriate them, at least not us. A good part of that was acquired with violence, but that has to pay tax, “he said.

The ex-president’s response was immediate and through his Twitter account he launched strong adjectives against the leader of Human Colombia.

“Dr. Petro hurts that I work in agriculture and I have nothing abroad or hidden. Understandable in a lazy, sneaky, mansion and garb puppet, who has produced nothing but crime, incitement to violence, and corrupt contracts paid for with bags of bills“Wrote the former president.

A trill that received the attention of the congressional candidate Agmeth Escaf, who came out in defense of Petro and his proposal.

What hurts is that you have thousands of hectares of land and when declaring income do it in ZERO, because that only indicates that you literally do not pay anything on them. Landowners must start paying just enough for their land, especially for unproductive land, “said the actor.

In another comment, the candidate for the House assured that Uribe urgently explains why the owner of an apartment in a stratum three neighborhood pays more taxes than that of thousands of hectares of land.

As Petro explained in the Semana debate, by increasing the tax on that land, production will be generated. Vicky Dávila, director of the magazine and who led the debate, He then told him that Uribe’s farm was among those lands he was pointing to.

The former president is recognized for having an extensive property in the department of Córdoba called El Ubérrimo and which means, precisely, fertile land. The land has about 1,500 hectares, according to Uribe’s own statements and other estimates, about 3,000 soccer fields.

Petro avoided mentioning the name of the former president so as not to “personalize”, he avoided talking about the farm and the income statement, but affirmed: “These people who are the 3,000 owners of 80% of the country’s fertile land, an average of 3,000 hectares per person, They pay a property tax according to their cadastral appraisal, to the municipality, generally poor municipalities. The lands of fat cows and poor children”Said the candidate of the Pact.

“There is not for education, there is not for health in those municipalities, because the cadastral appraisal is almost zero. It turns out Vicky that your house here in Bogotá is worth more in cadastral appraisal than the farm you mention and you only have a few square meters “, said Petro and added:” PAdd more your house for the cadastral appraisal in Bogotá, than the entire property of the person you mention. It’s not fair, it’s not fair with you, it’s not fair with the country”, He specified.


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