Raúl Araiza received a worrying health diagnosis

The driver received a diagnosis (Photo: Instagram / negroaraiza)

Raul Araiza is known for his characteristic charisma as a conductor, however, recently several of his followers had been concerned due to some alterations in his voice. That is why the morning team Today decided to bring a specialist to evaluate, live, the actor and leave behind the doubts about his health condition.

The person in charge of performing a nasoendoscopy was Dr. Francisco Saynes, who pointed out that before the program he had a short interview with the artist to learn a little more about his symptoms.

“Here my friend, the” negrito “, because more or less we were talking right now behind the scenes and what has is an excess in the use of the voice by the profession”, The specialist began to relate.

He also mentioned that in addition to the job that the driver has, another reason why this type of medical conditions can happen are the environmental changes, reflux or allergy issues.

“In this case, the vocal cords when inflamed do not allow adequate closure of these structures and that makes it have that ‘brandy’ voice that people say ”, Saynes explained.

During his speech, Araiza remarked that his father also had a voice similar to his, but the doctor stressed that the famous one had inflamed vocal cords, which separate and hit each other.

Raúl Araiza has injured vocal cords (IG: negroaraiza)
Raúl Araiza has injured vocal cords (IG: negroaraiza)

“The treatment here It is very important to take anti-inflammatories and especially the voice rest, But it is important, in the diagnosis, to carry out this type of study so that we detect that there is indeed no other alteration within the vocal cords, ”he said.

It should be remembered that this has not been the only complicated moment that Araiza has lived recently in the morning, since a few weeks ago he experienced moments of anguish in the middle of the live program at undergo a cosmetic treatment that did not end well at all.

The actor who has just participated in the soap opera The soulless He accepted to be the model for the application of a “Poly-Revitalizing Mesotherapy” called “NCTF”.

The morning driver of Televisa suffered, in front of the cameras, when he was injected, in addition to not expecting the treatment made you have an allergic reaction, removing numerous “balls” in the neck and eye area.

Araiza underwent live treatment (Photo: IG negroaraiza)
Araiza underwent live treatment (Photo: IG negroaraiza)

Moments before starting mesotherapy, the driver assured that aesthetic treatments should be a priority for men and not only for women; Araiza stated that within a relationship both They have the right and the obligation to take care of their physical appearance, which is why this type of treatment is valid.

During the presentation of the product and the explanation of how it would be applied, as well as the benefits it would have, social network users assured that the driver was very nervous, despite his speech.

He was saying that men should take better care of themselves and I don’t know what, but he only saw the little needles and he already wanted to run“,” It was too strange that he lent himself to something like that when just by looking at his face we all noticed that he was afraid “,” His fear made all the comment in favor of taking care of male beauty take a back seat “,” How uncomfortable it was see the ‘negrito’ having to say something about aesthetic arrangements when he always says nothing is done, “they wrote on Twitter.


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