Pancho Rodríguez breaks down in tears when he revalidates his title as the best competitor of This is War

Pancho Rodríguez is the best competitor of This is War of the 2021 season (Photo: TV Capture)

An exciting moment was lived in Esto es Guerra after it was known that Pancho Rodríguez became the best competitor of the 2021 season. The Chilean burst into tears when he learned that he had revalidated his title.

Apparently the popular ‘Pitbull’ would have cried with emotion when remembering that this year was not one of the best he has had, because as it is remembered, he was suspended from reality at the beginning of the year for having participated in a social gathering when they were prohibited.

The Chilean level was not the best of all in the following months, reaching almost to lose the opportunity to face the selection of Puerto Rico failing to get a good time on the circuits.

However, all this was in the past when today, Friday, December 17, he managed to be crowned as the best EEG competitor, by achieving the lowest time in the final circuit.

This special moment was lived while Patrick Parodi I was trying to finish the circuit, well Pancho rodriguez When he saw that his companion could not overcome it, he began to cry, being at that very moment embraced by his companions.

It should be noted that the Chilean in recent weeks has been related to Yahaira PlasenciaThis after they were protected in a very affectionate situation, so many thought that he would arrive distracted at the competition.

The truth is that Pancho Rodríguez was finally able to recover his best level and show all the people who criticized him that he can still give a lot of competition in reality.


Last december 16, Pancho Rodríguez found himself in a bind when he asked questions during a game in This is War. Johanna San Miguel did not miss the opportunity and asked him about Yahaira Plasencia. The host asked him who the singer was in love with, to which he replied, “of his family”, But this answer convinced the actress, too, so she continued with her questions.

She is in love with her family and her job”, Pancho said. Asked if there would be a possibility of a future relationship with Yahaira, the Chilean said: I think those things come when one least expects them. At the moment I think we have a very nice friendship and that is beautiful”.


The fighter did not miss the opportunity to invite everyone to the Yahaira Plasencia concert, which will take place next week. He even dared to give her some advice.

I want to tell her to relax and enjoy it because she has light and unique magic, and when she flows, she shines alone. It has many qualities and virtues”, concluded.


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