Mar Torres, neither confirms nor denies his anger with Froilán



Much has been said in recent weeks about the images that Europa Press Reportajes issued of Froilán enjoying the Madrid night with a new and unknown face that was not that of Mar Torres. After the two are related again, it seems that the grandson of the King Emeritus has completely turned the page and already has a new friend.

After this, the most sought after have been the statements of Mar Torres, since when these images were recorded she was enjoying a trip in Cancun and was many kilometers from what until now has been the love of her life.

Europa Press Reportajes has managed to speak with Mar Torres and the truth is that his reaction was more than evident, he has avoided the press and has not confirmed if he has spoken with Froilán after his images with Belén Perea. The influencer did not want to reveal if she is still angry with him after those photographs.

A relationship in which we are increasingly lost because we do not know where the two lovebirds are and if they are still together or on the contrary, those images caused the end of their friendship.

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