Magaly Medina explodes against Dalia Duran for defending her attacker John Kelvin: “All of Peru saw your shattered face”

Magaly Medina attacks Dalia Duran. (Photo: TV / Instagram capture)

Magaly medina could not contain his outrage against Dalia Duran, who calls for the release of John Kelvin, his attacker. This December 17, the journalist used her program to refer to the Panamericana TV host, to whom she recommended seeking psychological help for herself and her children.

Duran points out that he will do everything so that the father of his children does not stay in jail, since he is not a criminal, he was only unfaithful many times. Given this, Medina did not hesitate to remind her that he was also the man who brutally beat her.

“He, who went to jail because he dented her, because he beat her, because he couldn’t contain himself and beat her, so I don’t know what we’re talking about when there are women like Dalia Durán who I can’t understand”, Magaly said quite dismayed.

“Apparently she has not had enough therapy, although she said she had a psychologist, she has not had enough therapy because, I think, she has not managed to still love herself as a person should love herself”, He said.

“She is thinking of releasing him and the statements she gives are surprising,” said the TV host, whose reporter had an extensive interview with the blonde. Here, the young woman comes out in defense of her ex-partner, and says that she does not deserve to be in jail.

“How can we understand the struggle of so many women in the system, how can we make the system work if the female victims are the first to retract what they do?” Magaly Medina answered.


The driver refuted Dalia, who described the constant as a good father. “He did not respect the rights of his children by not respecting you as a mother (…) he is a bad father and a bad husband because he did not respect you, the mother of his children, by not respecting you, by beating you, by beating you , by humiliating you, by being unfaithful, by constantly lowering you, as he did, he treated you like a mop, so he was not respecting his children “, he stressed.

“How can you say they have found no evidence? You, you, all of Peru saw your shattered, bruised face, how can you say that. That there is no more evidence is because you do not want to provide it to justice “, he limited.


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