In Mexico, President López Obrador’s consultation project suffers a halt

Electoral authorities in Mexico temporarily halted the process for the consultation on the permanence of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the presidency until 2024, which constitutes a setback for one of the greatest political promises of the leftist president.

“They are delaying tactics,” López Obrador warned the press, hours before the decision of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

By six votes to five, the INE approved a resolution that temporarily halts the preparations for this consultation scheduled for next April 10, on the grounds of lack of resources to organize it.

“With the money that the INE has today, simply and simply cannot organize (…) an exercise such as the revocation of the mandate,” said President Counselor Lorenzo Córdova.

He insisted that this is only a pause in the preparations for the consultation and “not a suspension of the process or a refusal to comply with constitutional obligations” by the INE.

The INE will continue to review the signatures of citizens necessary to call the consultation.

Until this week, 3.7 million signatures have been delivered, according to a civil organization sympathetic to the ruling Morena party.

Leaders of Morena have already warned that they will appeal to the Federal Electoral Court to challenge this decision of the INE.

López Obrador recalled that the Supreme Court had already ruled that the revocation of the mandate complied with the constitutional precepts.

Three years after he assumed power, López Obrador enjoys 64% citizen approval, according to a count of different polls published by the Oraculus site.

Since he was mayor of Mexico City (2000-2006), the leftist leader has promised to submit his mandate to popular opinion through consultations.

As mayor, he conducted a telephone consultation in the middle of his government.

Already as president-elect, he decided to suspend the millionaire project of a new airport for Mexico City in a consultation harshly criticized by opponents due to numerous irregularities registered.

It also promoted the popular consultation held last August, the first of its kind in accordance with the law, for a possible judicial process against five former presidents, accused of corruption, but only a 7.1% participation of the voters was achieved.

Mexican law establishes that participation must be at least 40% to be binding.

The INE has warned that the strong budget cut decided by the presidency and the Legislature for 2022 leaves it with scarce resources and therefore has presented a controversy before the Supreme Court.

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