How the radical agreement between Gerardo Morales and Martín Lousteau impacts Juntos por el Cambio

Martín Lousteu and Gerardo Morales reached an agreement for the presidency of the UCR (PHOTOS: Gustavo Gavotti)

The agreement that imposed a truce in the UCR made sigh of relief to everything Together for Change. In the last hours, the cell phone of Alfredo Cornejo, the new senator and outgoing head of radicalism, burst out with messages: He was the manager of peace between Gerardo Morales and Martín Lousteau.

The arguments he used were obvious, but effective: the party had to give a sign of maturity after the paper that Morales and Lousteau starred in when they almost finished punching in a violent discussion about the leadership of the block of radical deputies, whose effects were extended because the governor of Jujuy again accused Horacio Rodríguez Larreta to get into the internship of the UCR: “To each radical who passes in front of the City Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta offers a position”, fired the provincial president.

When everything seemed to presage that the conflict was going to intensify, both parties they gave in and he was able to put together a unit list to renew the National Committee of the UCR, with Morales as president and the Lousteau sector in charge of appointing the vice president and other positions.

“It was a friday of glory because after having won the Government the vote on Budget 2022, sanity returned to radicalism; It is to celebrate it ”, he affirmed to Infobae a benchmark of Together for Change, which until now was worried by the possibility that the splinters of the UCR fight complicate the strategy of the opposition coalition.

The Buenos Aires senator will be the second vice president of the party
The Buenos Aires senator will be the second vice president of the party

The double command of the block of radical deputies, with Mario Negri on the one hand and the dissidents of Rodrigo de Loredo on the other, as was shown in the session where the 2022 Budget was debated, it threatened to transform itself into a additional problem for a bench of Together for Change that was strengthened after the elections, but It went from being made up of three blocks to ten.

How agree the positions among so many groups, even among some that maintained an irreducible confrontation? The question still has no answer. That Morales and Lousteau have agreed to live together in the National Committee it does not imply a definitive pacification. Rather, it speaks of the soft spot in which they were left before society after arguing loudly and threatening to hit each other.

For Morales, although he seeks to raise his profile from the presidency of the UCR to try to become the presidential candidate of space, it was not a situation either. comfortable have been singled out by his internal rivals as a sort of Silent partner of the Government. “What do you tell me, if Morales has a relationship difficult to explain with the government of Alberto Fernández and with Sergio Massa? He made his legislators vote on various laws of the Executive Power “Lousteau prodded.

Gerardo Morales, Alberto Fernández and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta
Gerardo Morales, Alberto Fernández and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

The accusation against Morales put under suspicion the vote of the deputies of Cambia Jujuy Jorge Rizzotti and Gustavo Bouhid, that make up the Together for Change bloc and are aligned with Morales. Could you be encouraged to support the 2022 Budget in case the Jujuy governor got some benefit for the province by the national government? It was one highly flammable play: It was impossible for that play to advance when Morales was about to be consecrated head of the UCR and his alignment with the Casa Rosada would have been lethal in the internal.

Meanwhile, the radical fight had other unexpected derivations between the partners of JxC. Rodríguez Larreta, for example, is delaying the appointment of leaders of the Lousteau sector in the Buenos Aires cabinet precisely so as not to be caught in the crossfire of the UCR.

The Larreta-Lousteau agreement will imply that join the City team former Buenos Aires legislators from the sector of the former ambassador to the US as Ines Gorbea (will be Secretary of the Environment), Leandro Halperín (will go to the Justice and Security area), Juan Nosiglia (son of the historic Enrique “Coti” Nosiglia and future Undersecretary of Sports) and Ariel Alvarez Palma placeholder image (still without a defined charge).

Radicalism is armed to have a candidate for president in 2023
Radicalism is armed to have a candidate for president in 2023

But the head of government had another obstacle to concretize his new team: Elisa Carrió criticized him and set limits to his political alliances during the ceremony to celebrate the 20 years of the Civic Coalition, which was held on November 30 in the Buenos Aires town of Open Door. There, the former deputy questioned to his friend Rodríguez Larreta for not having “taken care” of Vidal and for having appointed Fernando Straface as campaign manager. But he also hit Lousteau and his partner Emiliano Yacobitti, a national deputy, when he warned that “You can’t be a friend of Coti Nosiglia for your whole life, guys ”. That is why the son of Nosigilia has not yet assumed as Buenos Aires Undersecretary of Sports?

In the midst of this storm of passions that is Together for Change, the peace of the UCR became a balm for the opposition inmate. Everything indicates that Lousteau’s block of deputies will end up uniting with the bench presided over by Negri. Even so, in the PRO They look askance at these movements: some fear that the Morales-Lousteau agreement will give more strength to radicalism for the presidential contest in 2023. If they remained divided, their chances of fighting the PRO candidate would decrease. Now, Raúl Alfonsín’s party is once again a weight contender: Morales is willing to dispute every corner of power to the group led by Patricia Bullrich.


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