How is the most expensive mansion to spend the summer in Punta del Este that was rented for 250,000 dollars a fortnight

The Las Portuguesa farm was rented for $ 250,000 the first half of January (Photos: Martín Gómez Arquitectos)

There are luxury, super-luxury, exclusive properties … but Las Portuguesas seems to be on top of all that. Only accessible for millionaires who want to indulge themselves. It is a farm located in the spa of José Ignacio, in Punta del Este, which was rented for 250,000 (yes, two hundred and fifty thousand) dollars just for 15 days, the first fortnight of the year 2022.

It is the property that heads the top 10 of the report prepared by Mercado Libre of the most luxurious houses offered on its site for rent in the summer season.

The houses of the ranking go from $ 80,000 a fortnight to $ 250,000 at which Las Portuguesas was rented, designed by the Argentine architect Martín Gómez in 2006.

The house, built in 2006 by the architect Martín Gómez, has 2,500 square meters covered in a 13.5-hectare park
The house, built in 2006 by the architect Martín Gómez, has 2,500 square meters covered in a 13.5-hectare park

Las Portuguesa is located in a 13.5 hectare park near the sea, although it does not have direct access to the beach from the house. With 2,500 square meters built, the farm has nine bedrooms with their own bathroom, living room with panoramic views, kitchen with professional equipment, barbecue, billiard room, heated pool, spa, sauna with massage room and gym.

It was already rented for the first half of January (the most expensive of the season) as confirmed Infobae in the Punta Este real estate Capital Real Estate.

The house has nine en-suite bedrooms
The house has nine en-suite bedrooms

The other nine houses

Seven of the ten most luxurious properties to rent in Punta del Este are located in José Ignacio, two in Manantiales and the remaining one in the San Rafael neighborhood.

The next most expensive house has an ocean view, unlike Las Portuguesas, and direct access to the beach. It is five kilometers from the center of José Ignacio, on a six-hectare site. It has a main house with three bedrooms en suite. It also has three other Thai-style buildings with two en-suite bedrooms each.

It has a 35-meter “infinity” pool that, when viewed, seems to connect directly with the sea. It includes an entertainment room with a Bose surround audio system, a dining room for 30 people, a Jacuzzi in all guest bathrooms, a tennis court, a massage room, a sauna and a gym, among other things.

The rent for the first half of January is $ 200,000 and, if you want to rent the whole month, you have to pay $ 350,000.

The rest of the most luxurious properties, with their prices for the first half of January are:

3. A seven-suite mansion in José Ignacio by $ 180,000

4. A 7-bedroom house in José Ignacio by $ 170,000

5. A house in Bikini, Manantiales by $ 145,000

6. A house called Le Reve, in Manantiales by $ 125,000

7. A house in San Rafael, Punta del Este by $ 100,000

8. A residence Frente Al Mar, in José Ignacio by $ 92,000

9. A mansion on the sea, in José Ignacio by $ 92,000

10. A farm, in José Ignacio by $ 80,000


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