Echenique supports the transversality of Diaz because they aspire to more than the classic electorate of the left

12-14-2021 The spokesperson for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, upon his arrival at a press conference prior to a Board of Spokespersons in the Congress of Deputies, on December 14, 2021, in Madrid, (Spain). POLITICS Eduardo Parra – Europa Press

It warns that it does not conceive that the PSOE can request that the pact to repeal the labor reform be breached


The spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has stressed that he likes the “transversality” represented by the vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and has defended that the confederal space has always aspired to “go beyond the classic electoral base of the left”.

It has also revealed that the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, is going to achieve a good agreement to repeal the labor reform of the PP and does not conceive that the PSOE can ask, in the Government or in Congress, that the agreement within the the coalition if the employer’s association does not join.

Speaking to the RNE ‘Parliament’ program, collected by Europa Press, the parliamentary spokesperson stressed that the option of a candidacy headed by Yolanda Díaz generates “great illusion” and coincides with her in broadening the current spectrum of voters of United We Can.

And it is that Echenique has claimed that this vocation of transversality is in the “DNA of Podemos”, given that they are “people of the left” but they know that there are various cross-cutting elements to increase their electoral support, such as the defense of public health .


As for how he values ​​relationship with the PSOE after almost two years of coalition, the leader of the purple formation has said that living with his partner in the Executive is “better than he thought” when the agreement was formalized, since in In 2019 there was “a lot of tension” after several repetitions of elections and frustrated attempts at a pact.

In this way, he has defended that the Executive is working and has faced the pandemic with “courageous” policies, very different from those of the 2008 economic crisis. And it is that he has detailed that despite the “programmatic and political differences”, always They try to agree, dialogue and reach agreements, an attitude that has allowed the enactment of very important laws.


Asked whether it would be worth sacrificing measures in the new labor reform to try to join the CEOE, the spokesman for the confederal group has said that there is an agreement signed by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the then leader of his space Pablo Iglesias , in which “black on white” is set that the framework inherited from the PP should be repealed and with a series of details to do so.

Therefore, he has made it clear that in politics “you have to comply with the agreements” and that Spain is no longer in that “bipartisan era” where you could say one thing in the electoral campaign and then do another.

Moreover, Echenique has said that the employer is an important agent but “does not appear in the elections”, making it clear that the laws are competences of the executive and legislative power. “I do not conceive that the PSOE asks that we breach an agreement signed by Pedro Sánchez. The repeal will be carried out in the signed terms,” ​​he added.


He has also attacked the “ridiculous” and “unfortunate” performance “adolescent” of Vox by placing a loudspeaker to sound the anthem of the Police and the Civil Guard, with the intention of “sabotaging” the act organized by United We Can on Thursday in Congress to criticize the conviction of six young people from Zaragoza for an attack on authority, after participating in a demonstration rejecting a meeting of the Santiago Abascal formation.

In this sense, he has pointed out that it is an “unprecedented incident” and that it shows that the “extreme right does not respect absolutely anything.”

Finally, and regarding the resignation of Manuel Castells as head of the Ministry of Universities, Echenique thanked him for his work and highlighted the support for the new head of this department, Joan Subirats.

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