Carlos Gallardo: opposition gathers the votes and presents a motion of censure against the Minister of Education

Carlos Gallardo, Minister of Education, responds to an interpellation in the Congress of the Republic.

A motion of censure signed by 33 congressmen was presented against the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo, this Friday the 17th. This decision is due to the questions that the head of the Minedu has, for alleged links with extremist groups, and the alleged leak of the exam of Teacher Appointment.

In the office it can be read that Gallardo’s suitability “is more than questioned” because he has had a political activity linked to radical groups such as Patria Roja and the National Federation of Education Workers of Peru (Fenate).

It is also mentioned that he endorsed the resolution by which Roy Palacios Ávalos, a member of Fenate Peru, was appointed as vice-minister of Institutional Management of the ministry.

Additionally, they point out that friends of the minister’s daughter have been appointed to ministry leaderships with high salaries. “Such is the case of Maritza Sánchez Perales, Carolina Lizano Espinoza and Cecilia Estrada Vargas.” Along these lines, they mention that Gallardo’s daughter would dispatch with the officials, which would constitute usurpation of functions.

In addition to the “irregularities in the development of the Single National Test of the Appointment Consortium 2021, which would serve to determine the entry of teachers to the Public Teaching Career. This is due to the diffusion or filtration of the questions and the solution ”.

The opposition, led by the Popular Renovation bench, managed to gather the number of signatures required to present the motion. Legislators from Avanza País, Podemos Peru, Fuerza Popular and Alianza para el Progreso also participate.

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