Austria is tightening the entry rules because of the Omikron variant

Status: December 18, 2021 01:00 a.m.

Entering Austria from Monday will be considerably more complex. To contain the Omikron variant, travelers are only allowed into the country with valid 2G proof. Without a PCR test, it goes into quarantine.

Austria is tightening its entry rules to contain the Omikron variant of the coronavirus. From Monday onwards, travelers are only allowed into the country with a valid 2G certificate, as the Ministry of Health announced on Friday evening. Specifically, this means that they have to be vaccinated three times or have recovered. If you don’t have a booster vaccination, you have to submit a PCR test. Otherwise the travelers would have to be quarantined immediately.

Pregnant women and people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons are excluded from the 2G proof. The reason for the exception must therefore be proven by a medical certificate. Special rules also apply to children. The usual 3G rule will continue to apply to commuters.

“These stricter entry regulations bring with them great challenges, especially for people who travel abroad over the Christmas holidays,” said Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein. “At this point in time, however, they are necessary to counteract the spread of Omikron in Austria.”

Relaxation for travelers to Switzerland

Switzerland, however, relaxes the entry requirements. While a PCR test has been required for entry into the country for vaccinated persons since the beginning of December, a rapid antigen test will be sufficient from December 20, which was carried out a maximum of 24 hours before the border was crossed. In addition, vaccinated and convalescent people no longer have to undergo a second test after four to seven days, as was previously the case. The rule remains in force only for the unvaccinated.

Austria tightened entry from next Monday

Clemens Verenkotte, ARD Wien, 18.12.2021 · 00:08

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