Another verdict: Five years imprisonment for Storming the Capitol

Status: December 18, 2021 1:55 a.m.

Around a year after the storm on the Capitol, the legal process is far from over. In another trial, a Florida man who attacked police officers was sentenced to several years in prison.

By Franziska Hoppen, ARD-Studio Washington

In another trial for the storming of the US Capitol, a court has issued the harshest verdict to date: The American Robert Palmer has to go to prison for 63 months, i.e. for a little more than 5 years. A judge found the Florida man guilty of assaulting, resisting and obstructing officers with a dangerous or lethal weapon. Palmer is the 65th convicted of more than 700 accused.

Franziska Hoppen
ARD-Studio Washington

The 54-year-old attacked the police on January 6th while they were trying to hold back the crowd of Trump supporters in front of the Capitol. Palmer pelted the cops with a wooden plank and pole, sprayed the fire extinguisher on them, and then threw it at them as well.

Palmer sees himself as a victim of conspiracy theories

Palmer had confessed. With tears he said he was ashamed of his actions. He was the victim of conspiracy theories: from the lie of the stolen presidential election, after which Donald Trump won not Joe Biden – and from the story that it is a duty to oppose this “tyranny”.

On January 6, throngs of fans of the then-President Trump stormed the Capitol and overran security forces. Five people were killed in the acts of violence, including a police officer. Four police officers took their own lives in the following months.

Storm on the US Capitol: Hardest prison sentence ever imposed

Franziska Hoppen, ARD Washington, December 18, 2021 00:07

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