Alejandro Sanz turns 53

11-30-2018 Presentation of Alejandro Sanz’s new single “I have nothing” EUROPA SPAIN SOCIEDAD JOSEFINA BLANCO EUROPA PRESS


Who does not listen to a song by Alejandro Sanz and it takes him to a certain moment in his life, and is even capable of feeling what he was carrying deep inside him at that time? Nobody, or rather few. The artist was clear from a young age that his was music, guitar, stages and the microphone … and he was not wrong. Now, he is one of the most privileged singers in our country, being the number one nationally and internationally.

Today, the musician celebrates the arrival of 53 years and does so with an enviable physical shape, being one of the most important artists at the international level and having a professional career behind him that has made him achieve many successes.

After a rather complicated divorce in which the controversy was served day in and day out with his ex-wife, Raquel Perera, it seems that the two managed to reach an agreement and now peace reigns. Especially for the third parties between the two, who are the most important thing after all.

Now, he lives again in love and it is that even in the times in which Alejandro has enjoyed being single, we have always seen him with that sparkle in his eyes, because that is how he is, if he does not have that feeling that burns inside him, he cannot to live. Rachel Valdés, a young woman who has managed to find happiness with the artist and who together form a very special tandem.

A few days ago he presented his latest work, ‘Sanz’, with which he returns to his origins. In this presentation we saw the artist remember his beginnings and reflect on all that it had cost him to be one of the most important musical references on the planet today.

In this way, Alejandro Sanz turns 53 away from controversy, in love and being one of the most consolidated national artists in the musical field. And that’s how he is, sometimes he rises, does a thousand cartwheels, turning the world upside down with his lyrics.

Alejandro Sanz is the Spanish artist with the highest number of Grammy Awards in history, with a total of 4 and 25 Latin Grammys. In 2017 he was honored by the Latin Recording Academy as ‘Person of the Year’, in recognition of his career and significant philanthropic contributions.

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