90% of people hospitalized for covid-19 in Peru have not been vaccinated

Archive photograph of health personnel in charge of vaccination against covid-19 in Lima (Peru). EFE / Paolo Aguilar

Lima, Dec 17 (EFE) .- 90% of people who are hospitalized and in intensive care units (ICU) for having covid-19 in Peru have not been vaccinated or have not completed the two necessary doses, said this Friday the Peruvian Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos.
“This does not have to do with opinions, but with scientific evidence. Vaccination against covid-19, together with prevention measures, is the most important weapon we have to face the pandemic,” the minister remarked.
The latest official report pointed out that, as of this Friday, more than 46.7 million vaccines have been applied in Peru and 20.59 million people are currently receiving the two doses, which comprises 73% of the target population. of the country, established from the age of 12.
The Government also expects to receive in the first half of January the doses to vaccinate minors between 5 and 11 years old, with the aim that the school population is vaccinated to begin the 2022 school year, in which classes are expected to face-to-face resumes fully, after most students have not been to school for two years.
However, there are still millions of people who have received only one dose or do not have any, so the authorities insist on the need to be vaccinated and have even prohibited access to closed public places to those who do not have the complete guideline.
As part of the campaign for citizens to maintain health security measures and go to be vaccinated, the Ministry of Health presented this Friday the hymn “The future is in your hands”, which has been recorded by a group of national singers and musicians .
“With emotion we highlight the contribution of the artists in this fight that Peruvians face to defend life and health,” Cevallos said during the presentation ceremony on the subject, in which the Prime Minister, Mirtha Vásquez, and the Vice President also participated. Peruvian, Dina Boluarte.
Referring to the proximity of the end of the year celebrations and the possibility of a third wave of the disease, the minister emphasized that this “will be an important challenge for the Peruvian people,” since everyone must “assume responsibility. to defend life individually and collectively “.
For this reason, the health authorities insisted on recommending that citizens maintain their “social bubble” and avoid attending meetings and places where crowds are present.
The epidemiologist Sixto Sánchez warned that the activities and behaviors during these holidays “may translate into the development of a possible rising curve of infections for a third wave, which could occur in the first days of January if the recommended measures are not taken” .
Sánchez placed special emphasis on the care that must be maintained for the elderly and said that “this is a moment of great care to prevent the most susceptible people from contracting covid-19.”
Since the beginning of the health emergency, Peru has accumulated more than 2.2 million confirmed cases, of which more than 202,000 have died, which makes it have the highest mortality rate in the world from this disease.


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