The tournament of teams that UEFA and Conmebol will play from 2024 that will mark a new era

The UEFA Nations League has already held two editions and has just raffled the third (Photo: Reuters)

UEFA decided to give life in 2018 to a new tournament for its calendar: the UEFA Nations League. That national team competition, which already had two winners and is about to start its third season, is now preparing an ambitious plan in the company of Conmebol: unite teams from all 10 South American countries for version 2024.

The one who released the information is UEFA Vice President Zbigniew Boniek: “We have had a meeting with CONMEBOL, the confederation of South American countries. From 2024, teams from that continent will join the competition “, he said in statements to the Polish newspaper Matches that were replicated by Mark. As confirmed Infobae, everything is given for this tournament to take place from 2024 thanks to the good relations between the associations and, although the news is not yet official, the South American teams could initially be in League A (six teams) and the League B (four others).

Keep in mind that Conmebol and UEFA will premiere on June 1, 2022 the first joint project with the meeting between Argentina and Italy en Londres to give life to the first Very final that will unite the champion of the Copa América against the winner of the Eurocup. Days ago, when the date of this event was confirmed, they clarified: “CONMEBOL and UEFA have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding that extends the terms of joint cooperation until June 30, 2028. The terms of the original agreement remain, this MoU also contains specific provisions related to the opening of a shared office of CONMEBOL and UEFA in London and the firm intention to organize a series of football events for the benefit of South American football. “

The Polish media that released this information clarified that the entities already “They discussed joint plans” this week and there this possibility was raised in the UEFA Nations League. This competition was born with the idea of ​​replacing the friendly matches of the European teams during the FIFA Date windows. The objective now is for the alliance to also include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Uruguay. “It is actually a mini World Cup, because all the world champions come from these two continents”, defined the aforementioned newspaper to the ambitious project.

While the final details of the joint office that Conmebol and UEFA will open in London are being refined, this new tournament also appears on the horizon as a response to the World Cup every two years promoted by FIFA and which was rejected by these entities. “There is a long tradition of cooperation between UEFA and CONMEBOL, as has been proven over the years with competitions such as the Artemio Franchi Trophy and the Intercontinental Cup, and it is a great pride that we re-launch such a prestigious national team competition to the delight of football lovers from around the world. We are looking forward to exploring new opportunities together and are looking forward to the Finalísima in London in June 2022″ Had declared UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin when the date of the event was announced. Very final.

The four groups of League A that will have the new edition (Photo: Reuters)
The four groups of League A that will have the new edition (Photo: Reuters)

The Nations League, which had Portugal (2018/19) and France (2020-21) as champions so far, currently has four leagues. League A, B and C are made up of 16 teams, while League D has 7 teams. to shelter the 55 members of UEFA. The four leagues have a promotion and relegation system (one per group), but League A also classifies the top four from each zone to the semifinals that will later define the champion.

The recent draw that was carried out for the edition that will begin in June 2022 and will culminate in March 2024 placed the teams of England, Italy and Germany in the same group together with Hungary in what will be the most attractive area of ​​the League A. As of 2024, the ten members of Conmebol would become part of the competition and we will have to wait for the format to be perfected to include them.


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