The secrets of the discoverer of Kun Agüero: of the offers of River and Boca who rejected the fights to protect him from the kicks

Motoneta González and Kun Agüero on the player’s 18th birthday (Credit: La Cocina del Rojo)

“Lord, today I met the biggest jerk on the planet!”

scooter González I was sitting in a warm location in the Monumental Stadium and had rejected seconds before – once again – a succulent offer for that little boy that he had sheltered since the Eight years. Sergio Aguero I was a boy, but good rumors always run fast. That such When who played in the children’s Independent it was a gem. One of those that appear once every decades. And everyone wanted it. For Eduardo Gonzalez His love for Independiente was stronger, the club he has covered as a partisan journalist for more than 50 years. When the proposal of José María Aguilar of River Plate reached his ears, told him that his dream was to see him in the first of Red and it was not for sale, as I had already told Boca Juniors, but also to clubs England Y Germany who tempted him via intermediaries. The tall man turned his back on him, looked at the playing field and launched the phrase that he relives today with laughter.

The story of this emblematic chronicler of the life of the Avellaneda club with the Agüeros had started by chance. After spending a lifetime at the club in his neighborhood (Cultural Club Dardo Rocha de Bernal), they came looking for him to be the team’s coach. And I accept. The number 10 of that establishment was a certain Leonel del Castillo, the father of When. “Good player. Left-handed, skilled, intelligent, handsome – he lists. The genes really turned on “. That neighborhood campus was champion after many years of drought, but what truly transformed history was the relationship that was generated between Del Castillo and González. “Before the end of the championship, he began to tell me: ‘Eduardo, you who are in Independiente, why don’t the kid take me to the club? I have a kid who is doing very well‘. I asked him how old he was and he told me 7 years old. You can’t take such a small boy to play at the club because there is no competition! ”, Pulls the initial thread scooter in view of Infobae.

Six months later, González had moved away from the technical direction, but Agüero’s father did not forget: “He came to ring the bell at my house or at the fire extinguisher company that I have. I told him that he was very young and he replied that they came to look for him from everywhere to play soccer daddy and the bigger ones kicked him. He told me why he doesn’t come to see him … And I go. A monster, tremendous!”. It was convinced that the paths of When and from Red they had to cross.

He presented it to two historic men of the red youth teams as Chanana Rambert – Pascualito’s uncle – and the Mencho Balbuena. “What do we do with this kid?”, They Asked. “The only thing you have to do with this kid is watch him play”, he answered them sure of the level of the 9-year-old boy. “Let’s look at it, but we can’t make this kid compete, he lacks growth … As soon as they saw it they fell on their ass. He was predestined, I’m not saying it out of humility, but I want to take away the credit that I discovered him, he would have been what he was if someone else had also appeared ”, he clarifies.

The post that Agüero made in 2017 after the death of Chanana Rambert
The post that Agüero made in 2017 after the death of Chanana Rambert

When He lived with his family in the Villa Los Eucaliptus de Quilmes, at that time attached to a soccer field eight with arches that had light sticks in the role of posts and where he “held the kicks” and “danced everyone”. González became a protector of the family and the first action was to ask a partner –Samuel Liberman– for money to get them out of the neighborhood where he was: they bought him a house with five rooms in the Mosconi area and Carlos Pellegrini in Quilmes.

But also, he assures, he gave him balls, booties, the first TV, financially assisted him so that he could travel to training sessions and helped parents with sensitive health issues: “I made him never miss anything”. Between the emotion for those years of bond, some tear that crosses in the throat and some pain because of how that relationship was broken, González contrasts between the beginning and the end: “Agüero and I had our birthday the same day. We celebrate all birthdays together until we were 18, that was the last “. The photo that opens this note is from that last celebration.

scooter is an institution of Red. It started with its medium Independent Mail and did radio, television and magazines during the 51 years that today accumulates related to the club’s journalism. His Independent of America It is a registered trademark for fans. He was a witness at the wedding of Daniel Bertoni or even remembers how he insisted on the bocce Maschio in the preview of the third final against Colo Colo to make his debut for Ricardo Bochini for the Copa Libertadores in the mythical final in the Centennial Stadium of Montevideo. By then, he was so amalgamated to the entity that the DT allowed him to watch the games from the substitute bench.

That was the González who found Agüero. And he saw him as a champion in children, as the leader of the Ninth and Eighth, at the same time that he claims to have led him to do a complete study that located that first arrhythmia of his youth that the doctor Roberto Peidró recently detailed. also him insisted Oscar Ruggeri to make it debut, something that himself pigheaded He recognized during the last hours in the program that he has him as a panelist.

“One day I asked Ruggeri to make a note for my TV show. He came and then we had coffee. He asked me if there was nothing downstairs to go see. I told him that in fourth and fifth there was nothing. ‘But I’ll tell you one thing ‚I brought a kid to the club who is in Eighth …’. ‘Don’t let me, 14 years old, how am I going to look for Octava’. I replied that on Saturday I was playing at home, that I should go see him ”, he recalls. “I broke his balls so much that it was, He saw the Octava game and the guacho looked at me from time to time, he made gestures to me. I hadn’t told the kid anything that Ruggeri was going to see him. Broke it! Bah, he broke it every game, “he adds about those years when Agüero was sheltered by Osvaldo Mura and Pompeo Tardivo in the youth teams.

* Agüero champion with the eighth of Independiente

While the rise of the When it was getting faster, scooter He lived situations that marked the hierarchy and quality of that kid. Of the pretty and of the ugly. “I accompanied him to all the games. More than once we had to go around fighting with the father against the opponents because they kicked him shit and the idiot that said ‘break it’ was never missing. They saw him, he danced them all and there was always a father who encouraged his son to kick him shit. Nothing that happened to adults, but you had to go to play in certain places eh, “he says.

His name, already known in the journalistic field, also became popular in his new role as representative. The phone was ringing. “They wanted to buy the player from me several times. I had offers from Boca, from River, but also from Germany and England. Griffa sent an emissary to see how much he wanted for the part of me in Agüero to take him to Boca. One day my office phone rang and he told me that they were calling me from River Plate”, Open the game. The anecdote that begins this note reviews that meeting that he had “out of curiosity” with the president millionaire that he put a figure on the table that would have changed González’s finances. “Agüero is not for sale. He is going to make his debut in the first division of Independiente. Don’t bother because it’s not for sale “he insisted over and over again as he recalls. “Here comes the hilarious,” he advances when he finished with that phrase that opens the note and was thrown at him for not accepting the offer: “Today I met the biggest jerk on the planet!”. Your heart Red It was stronger than the color of money.

The premonition came fast. Ruggeri’s reaction to seeing him in inferiors after the recommendation was to call him immediately to train with first. “I started eating his head: put it on, put it on, put it on,” he says. “He took it to the bank and never put it on, but I screwed up so much that one day he told me ‘I’m going to give you a treat'”, adds. Agüero debuted against San Lorenzo on July 5, 2003 with 15 years in the disappeared Double Visor.

Kun with 15 years, 1 month and 3 days in his professional debut against San Lorenzo (Photo Baires)
Kun with 15 years, 1 month and 3 days in his professional debut against San Lorenzo (Photo Baires)

The rest of the story is absolutely known. When he maintained himself as an increasingly resplendent star in Independiente teams that were not at his level but that he ranked. A little boy who gave him a quality leap every time he stepped on the pitch until the Atlético de Madrid was convinced and in mid-2006 it disbursed some $ 28 million so that Agüero plowed national football records that still holds: the youngest player to debut in the first venue and the most expensive sale of the Argentine tournament.

¿González? He did not see the When after that 18th birthday. He never knew what happened, nor did he explain it to him. Or maybe yes and he prefers to keep his opinions to “remember the beautiful things”, as he insists over and over again when his throat is marked by the tears that invade him. The Red, with the transfer that has been at the top of sales for 15 years, demolished the Double Visor and built the Liberators of America –Among other businesses– although that succulent sum would not end up strikingly enough to cover the entire work that was inaugurated half-finished in 2009. Amid conflicts and future promises from the leaders, the journalist had given him free of charge to the Red 50% of the pass he had in his possession. After the transfer, to scooter They gave him a kind of economic “recognition” between ridiculous and crude: 100 thousand pesos in long installments.

Perhaps the legendary journalist could have chosen to become a millionaire for that kid he sheltered since he was 8 years old, but he chose to follow the path of love for Independiente. Sometimes between the lament of being disappointed by the agents involved and others between the pride for having complied with what his heart dictated, Eduardo once again intensifies the troubles of that journey together. “I never saw him again. It is the great karma of my life. I never knew why they didn’t give me more ball “, he muses with a broken voice as he prepares to celebrate 50 years on the air of his Independent of America.


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