The Russell 2000 experiences a rise of 1% in the session of December 17

Bullish day for him Russell 2000, which closed on Friday, December 17 with promotions from 1%, until the 2,173.93 points. The Russell 2000 scored a maximum of 2,186.36 points and a minimum volume of 2,124.74 points. The trading range for the Russell 2000 between its highest and lowest points (maximum-minimum) during this day it stood at the 2,82%.

Taking into account the last seven days, the Russell 2000 registers a drop in 1,71%; However, in year-on-year terms, it still maintains an increase in the 9,9%. The Russell 2000 a 11% below its maximum so far this year (2,442.74 points) and a 11,72% above its minimum price for the current year (1,945.91 points).

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