Tennet and TransnetBW participate in Equigy

Safe power grid

“The more transmission network operators in Germany and Europe participate in the crowd-balancing platform, the more flexible and secure our electricity network will be,” says Tim Meyerjürgens, COO, Tennet. Equigy opens up the flexibility of millions of decentralized small storage systems. In this way, the platform makes an important contribution to sector coupling and the safe conversion of the energy supply system.

In the course of the expansion of renewable energies, the new federal government also wants to examine competitive and technology-open capacity mechanisms and flexibilities as well as strengthen further integration of the European internal energy market.

Plum: adapt the regulatory framework

“The name Flexcess shows what we are aiming for with our participation: It’s about access to flexibility. We see the platform as a scalable and, above all, future-proof instrument for developing these new system services,” says Rainer Pflaum, Managing Director , TransnetBW. The need for such services that stabilize the network is increasing sharply.

From Pflaum’s point of view, the participation also raises the question of what an appropriate regulatory recognition of digitization initiatives looks like. “The energy transition not only needs copper and steel, but also bits and bytes. We therefore advocate an adaptation of the regulatory framework that appropriately takes into account innovative measures that have significant economic benefits,” said the TransnetBW managing director. (jk)


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