Take the pressure off young people when choosing a career

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Analogue as well as digital, there is a lot of information about career opportunities for high school graduates. It is important not to see the career choice as a decision for life. © Robert Günther / dpa-tmn

Go to school, do an apprenticeship or do dual studies? If the choice of career becomes an issue for young people, you shouldn’t build up any pressure. Not everything is a choice for life.

Nuremberg – endless possibilities and the sheer abundance of information: This is where the career counselor Mechthild Schikowski-Simons sees the greatest challenge that young people face when it comes to career orientation.

Structuring and filtering all the information is overwhelming, said the career counselor in an interview with a special edition of the “abi” magazine for parents. The job counseling services offered by the Employment Agency are intended to provide support and impetus for disoriented young people.

Reorientation also possible later

Mechthild Schikowski-Simons also advises the young people that they should first think about the next step after graduation. On the other hand, it is not necessarily about finding a job that you can practice until you retire.

Desires and goals change in the course of life. It is possible to reorient yourself later through further training. It is therefore important to take the pressure off young people of having to commit to life at a young age, said Schikowski-Simons.

Parents looking for tips and advice on how to support their child in choosing a career can download the “abi” guide booklet free of charge. It is published by the Federal Employment Agency. dpa


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