Stadtwerke Flensburg continues to supply JYSK nationwide with green electricity

“JYSK has opted for a tranche model that minimizes the procurement risk,” continues Scheffel. “The current development of electricity prices shows it very clearly: The rise in market prices for electricity (as well as gas) can currently mean extreme price increases, especially for companies. Those who rely on conventional procurement models such as cut-off date procurement can be surprised by these increases. This is exactly what we offer ours Large customers with the tranche procurement the solution. “

JYSK’s electricity requirement accounts for 14 percent

Michael Rotermund, Head of Communications at JYSK, is also convinced of this model. “Together with the municipal utilities, we have divided the total amount of electricity that we need for large parts of our German branches into sixteen tranches and will buy them at different times. We hope that the mixed price that will result will give us advantages. We are determining When and at what price we buy the tranches, the risk is distributed. “

Dirk Wernicke, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Flensburg, sees the great importance of this customer: “The city of Flensburg uses around 339 million kWh per year, JYSK 48.5 million kWh. This order has a volume that corresponds to almost 14% of Flensburg’s electricity consumption. ”The green electricity comes from the Bjølvo power station in Norway and is generated entirely from hydropower. During production, neither CO2 nor other pollutants are produced, which is certified by a certificate from TÜV Nord. (gun)

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