Several people were dragged by a hot air balloon at the Altamira festival, Tamaulipas

The festival organized by the Municipal Government of Altamira announced on December 1st the realization of “Balloon Christmas”, An event that is part of the December festivities that are scheduled in said municipality and that included the exhibition of hot air balloons, as well as rides aboard these aircraft.

However, at the beginning of this festival, on the night of December 16, an incident occurred: people were swept away by one of the balloons. Through a video uploaded to social networks You can see a number of people and event staff trying to pull the hot air balloon with the rope.

However, due to the force of the movement of the hot air balloon, they are dragged until they slip and fall on the metal fences that delimited access to the public. It should be noted that so far no injuries or serious injuries were reported. Likewise, the mishap went viral on social networks, where there was no shortage of mockery and satirical comments.

The presentation of the Festival Navidad en Globo 2021, in the Champayán lagoon park was attended by the municipal president (Photo: Twitter / @ TampicososTV)

“Christmas in a Balloon” It is a festival that will take place on December 16 and 17 in Altamira, Tamaulipas, with a series of activities aimed at entertaining the population. On Thursday 16 the exhibition of a 30-meter-high balloon was presented, which will remain on the esplanade of the Champayán lagoon.

The presentation of the Balloon Christmas Festival 2021, in the Champayán lagoon park had the presence ofhe municipal president Armando Martínez Manríquez, accompanied by his wife Rossy Luque de Martínez and his grandson Armando Martínez, who were the first to climb into one of the baskets, the balloon rose to a height of 15 meters, however, it was not released by the security elements.

Balloon accidents, nothing new

During the year there have already been cases of more incidents with this type of artifact in different areas of the country. Most have gone viral due to the implications they had.

On November 15 of this year, during the International Balloon Festival in León, Guanajuato. A balloon began to descend at the height of the dam, place where the festival takes place every year, when it began to descend, the balloon gained speed and it did not manage to position itself on the floor, a situation that caused the basket to drag for several meters outside the the press and in this way he reached the food stalls that were to one side. On that occasion no person was injured.

(Screenshot: Video)
On November 21 of this year, a video was released that captures the moment when a hot air balloon hits a house. (Screenshot: Video)

During that same festival, on November 21 of this year a video was broadcast that captures the moment in which a hot air balloon hits a house, to later collide with the water tank of the house, which did not withstand the force of the impact and was knocked down. According to the reports, no injuries were registered either.

In contrast, on the 30th of that same month, nine people were injured, including two tourists, after a hot air balloon will present failures in the El Palomar Atlatongo community, in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico state.

The airship was boarded by 15 tourists on Monday morning, in the port located on the Mexico-Pirámides federal highway, but upon landing the pilot lost control of the hot air balloon in the place The Garita, road to San Isidro heading to the municipality of Tecámac.


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