Peru.- The Attorney General of Peru denounces Castillo before the Prosecutor’s Office for alleged crimes of corruption


The Attorney General of Peru, Daniel Soria, has denounced the Peruvian President, Pedro Castillo, before the Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged crime of influence peddling related to the investigation opened for the same crime against the businesswoman Karelim López.

In a brief submitted to the country’s attorney general, Zoraida Ávalos, Soria indicates that Castillo would have favored third parties in the concession of public works, specifically the Puente Tarata III consortium would have obtained a concession after a meeting between López and the president, reports ‘Trade’.

Additionally, in the letter the attorney specifies that there are suspicions that Castillo could also be involved in another influence peddling case in which this same businesswoman is being investigated along with the former Secretary of the Presidency Bruno Pacheco.

The attorney’s decision, in fact, comes hours after the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office raided the houses of both López and Pacheco in the framework of this investigation.

Some of the meetings mentioned by Soria would have taken place in Castillo’s personal home, in the Breña district of the Peruvian capital. These meetings were the cause of scandal recently in Peru, although the president has defended that they had been of a personal nature, and that official meetings only take place in the vicinity of the Government Palace.

In his complaint, Soria indicates that “the State Attorney General’s Office requested information on these meetings from the Secretary General of the Presidential office, who reported on two occasions that he had no record of the meetings that took place there.”

Finally, in his brief, the attorney recalls that article 177 of the Peruvian Constitution does not prohibit an acting president from being investigated.

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