Nalguidan, the Argentine who will represent Latin America in the Hearthstone World Cup: “It was one of my biggest goals”

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A new Hearthstone World Cup will be held this weekend and it will be a very special one for Latin America because it will feature representation from the experienced Argentine player from Oxygen Sports, Facundo “Nalguidan” Pruzzo. This is the second historical representation achieved by a player from the region, with the antecedent of his compatriot Francisco “PNC” Leimontas, the ex-player of Team Genji who participated in the 2019 edition in person during Blizzcon, Blizzard’s annual convention. This time, The event that will distribute $ 500,000 will be held online and will feature the participation of the eight champions from their respective regions.

The place to the most important competitive event, the applicants got it through Grandmasters and China Gold Series. It is the official competitive circuit of Blizzard of its title of digital collectible cards, where the best players from each region dispute two annual seasons that distribute a quota each, thus confirming the two representatives for each zone. In Americas, the representative who will accompany Nalguidan will be the American Kyle “McBanterFace” Spigelman, which took first place in the closing season. For its part, Facundo Y Rami94 They starred in an Argentine final of maximum tension in the opening, which opted for 3 to 1 for the veteran who has been part of all GMs editions since 2019 and who began competing from the first steps of the esports scene many years before.

Characterized by his perseverance and consistent level, Nalguidan He spoke with Infobae Latin Power about what the great challenge ahead of him means for his career: “qualifying for Worlds was without a doubt one of my biggest goalsIt is somewhat difficult because in addition to dedication and skill you need a bit of luck at the right time to win a qualifying tournament as well ”. He demonstrated his confidence in his reading of the current metagame and the strongest decks at his disposal. His preparation was not to focus on certain rivals, but rather he seeks to have the best possible chances of taking everything.

The format will divide the competition into two stages that will take place over two days. On Saturday the crosses of two groups of four by double elimination (GSL format), where the representative of Latam will open against the champion of the closure of China, Tianming. From each group, only the best two will advance to the semi-finals on Sunday. The playoffs, meanwhile, will be resolved by direct elimination, leaving the top two of the competition in the grand finale for glory. All matches will be played in a best-of-five (bo5) conquest format with the possibility of vetoing a opponent’s deck.

It will be the second consecutive year that such an important event has been resolved in online format, something that Nalguidan considered to be a disadvantage: “more concentrated game in person ”. “It would give me a bit of peace of mind on a technical level“You cannot compete calmly if you are thinking that at any moment you can have a cut”, he explained in reference to the instability of his available internet services and the potential that face-to-face formats open.

“Latam has been going strong, especially Argentina and Brazil. They are 2 communities that give a lot of attention to Hearthstone for the possibility of competing individually and globally”, He explained about the present of the region. “Obviously I am happy to represent Argentina and Latin America at the highest level all these years and I hope I have motivated other people to try it as well,” he said, motivated by the responsibility with which he arrives at the world tournament.

The trajectory of Nalguidan reflects his great dedication to the competitive, passing through teams such as ESports Brawl, Isurus, Furious Gaming, Team Genji and now Oxygen Sports. The Latin American community and the fans that he knew how to conquer over the years demonstrated their support in networks. Joaquin Farhi, Hearthstone pro-player and Facundo’s colleague, encouraged the rest of the fans of the scene to show support for the representative of the region on networks and use an image of the player in profile that has become iconic in the run-up to the event. For its part, Facundo dedicated a message to his followers: “Thank you as always, your support is felt a lot especially on social networks or in the broadcast chat and makes you want to try a little more.”

@ JoaquinFarhi8
@ JoaquinFarhi8

Although he will arrive prepared to face whoever is ahead, Facundo was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​facing the Spanish representative Frenetic: “We have been preparing together all year for the different tournaments and I think we both have good chances”. Given that everyone will start in opposing groups, the possibilities exist. With more than seven years at Hearthstone, Nalguidan is already in the top eight and will be pursuing his biggest competitive achievement to date.

The official transmission of Hearthstone Latam can be followed through its channel of YouTube, on December 18 and 19 from 09.45 MX; 12.45 AR / CH; ESP 16.45 and the first match will start at approximately 10.15 MX; 13.15 AR / CH and 17.15 ESP. The inaugural meeting will be starred by nothing less than Nalguidan versus Tianming in Group A.


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