Mysterious death of a 77-year-old man in the Palermo neighborhood: they found him with his ankles tied

The victim was identified as Saul Hilu

A mysterious death was registered this Friday in the Palermo neighborhood, in the City of Buenos Aires: the lifeless body of a 77-year-old man was found in his apartment, with his ankles tied and no signs of violence at the entrance door. Sources of the case will specify Infobae that a possible homicide.

The discovery was made at noon today by the man’s daughter and an employee who used to work in the department, located in Paunero at 2,700 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. The victim was identified as Saul Hilu.

Faced with the call to the authorities by the 77-year-old man’s daughter, members of the 14C Neighborhood Police station traveled to the scene.

Reportedly The place had no signs of violence at the entrance door, but it was in a mess. In addition, the victim had ties to the ankles.

The cause intervenes Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office N ° 9, led by Julio Andrés Herrera, who before the Sole Secretary of Romina Kelly, initiated a cause for “Murder investigation”.

In the hours of the night, from la la Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) They demanded the immediate clarification of the facts and the capture of those responsible, according to the news agency ANY.

“We accompany the AMIA Burial Director at the shocking news of the murder of his father-in-law Saul Hilu Z” L at his private home, during the early hours of Thursday. We demand that the authorities immediately clarify the facts and the capture of those responsible”, Published through his official Twitter account, the president of the Federation of Argentine Jewish Communities, Eliahu Hamra.

They found a retiree dead in his bed and with a cloth in his mouth in Rosario

Carlos Mario Ríos, a 72-year-old man, was found dead in his house in the city of Rosario, in the middle of a scene that suggests for the moment that lost his life during a sexual encounter. It is that according to judicial sources confirmed to Infobae, the retiree is found on his bed face up, handcuffed and with a cloth in his mouth.

According to the first observations of the doctors who attended the victim’s apartment, located at 2960 Garibaldi Street, Ríos died of asphyxiation. The discovery occurred yesterday shortly before 5:00 p.m., after the call of the neighbors when they observed that for more than a day they had not seen any type of movement inside the retiree’s house. In addition, they were struck by the fact that the entrance door was unlocked.

Another similar case just a week ago, when a 52-year-old accountant, was found dead in his study in the Buenos Aires town of Remedios de Escalada. His case coincides in several elements with what happened to the retiree from Rosario: His body was naked, hand and foot bound and gagged. As confirmed by police sources Infobae at that time, they investigate if the death occurred in the middle of a sexual act.


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