More than 500 new charging points for Duisburg

Charges fivefold

“Our charging infrastructure has established itself on the market, be it the private wallbox or the public charging stations: if more and more electric cars are on the road, a charging infrastructure is necessary that is consistently geared to the increasing demand,” says Marcus Wittig, CEO, Stadtwerke Duisburg.

The municipal supplier can understand the increase in demand very well at the existing charging stations. The number of charging processes at the Stadtwerke’s existing charging stations has increased fivefold over the past two years.

A total of 9200 charging points are required

A study examined how the charging infrastructure in Duisburg must develop in the coming years. Experts have determined a need for 516 public charging points for the year 2025. That is around seven percent of the total of around 9200 determined charging points that are required in Duisburg.

For private charging stations, 7660 points are required (80 percent). Around 580 charging points are assigned to companies for company vehicles or electric cars for their employees (8 percent). The number of semi-public charging points, such as those on retail parking spaces or in multi-storey car parks, is forecast to be 440 (5 percent).

More than 50,000 charging points by 2035

The demand in Duisburg is expected to increase to around 53,500 charging points by 2035. According to the analysis, the proportion of private charging infrastructure will continue to grow by 90 percent, and public charging points should then cover four percent of demand in 2035.

Stadtwerke and the city are now defining the specific locations for the charging station expansion by 2025. Financing and funding options should then be clarified. The municipal utilities expect investments of up to eight million euros by 2025. (jk)

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