More drinking water from the Rhine?

In the next two years, the Hessisches Ried Water Association (WHR) will conduct a feasibility study to determine whether more Rhine water can be treated in the future. Several alternatives are examined with a view to requirements, technical feasibility, quality and economic efficiency. The focus is particularly on a third treatment line in the Biebesheim waterworks, a treatment similar to that in Biebesheim at a second location, a bank filtrate waterworks and the expansion of the necessary infrastructure.

For this project, the Hessian Environment Minister Priska Hinz has handed over a funding decision for 400,000 euros – that corresponds to 80 percent of the total costs: “In order to cover the increasing water demand, one option is to treat Rhine water and for drinking water supply, irrigation in agriculture or even to use to raise the groundwater in the Natura 2000 protected area. WHR will now clarify whether and how this can succeed with the help of a feasibility study. “

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