Minister of the Interior in the face of crime wave: “We have a frontal fight against crime”

Avelino Guillén spoke about the wave of crimes that occur daily in the country.

The Minister of the Interior of Peru, Avelino Guillén, stressed that the Government and its sector have been leading a frontal fight against delinquency, corruption and hit men, without distinction, to protect the population from these scourges.

During the inauguration of Base Terna Sur 2, specialized unit of the Special Operations Division “Green Squad” of the National Police of Peru (PNP), in Villa El Salvador, indicated that unity is needed in the country to confront crime in the streets.

“Note that we support the work of the Public Ministry and the National Police of Peru. We have a frontal and direct fight against crime, corruption, hired assassins, extortion and organized gangs, without any distinction, whoever falls ”, stressed the Minister of the Interior.

Guillén indicated that this is the task of his sector, which is why the work of police officers is supported, who day by day risk their lives, so he expects the support of the authorities to strengthen his work.

“We are going to demand that the prosecutors and judges do not release the detainees easily, that they receive the corresponding sanction, people are not going to risk their integrity for a cell phone”, manifested.

Precisely, this police headquarters that was inaugurated today will have 120 members of the Terna Group, which will allow decentralizing the service they perform in favor of the citizens, providing greater security in the face of the constant crime incidence in the southern area of ​​Lima.

Likewise, Minister Guillén affirmed that due to the Christmas holidays an increase in criminal activity is being noticed, and that the Ministry is drawing up strategies to be able to repress this activity.

“The strategy is clear, we have a greater number of troops in the streets and we have more police units in the streets: we have an action plan”, indicated the owner of the Interior.

“What I can mention is the commitment of the police to fight crime, together with the mayors, together with the citizens, we are all involved”, added.


The Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillén, said that his sector is evaluating classifying the collection of quotas as “Extortion terrorism”, since this would allow the aggravation of sanctions for this type of crime, which not only affects citizens but also the economy and the stability of the country.

He explained that this proposal is based on the fact that the gangs of extortionists use the same tools and modalities as terrorist criminals, such as explosives, threats, and attacks on people’s lives.

“There is a problem there, the employer withdraws from the work, generates unemployment and the works do not materialize. Or they pay the quota, but then they no longer pay taxes. Then, a whole chaos is generated “He said after emphasizing that the situation described deserves a response from the State.

At another time, the head of the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) also indicated that it is being evaluated to raise the Council of Ministers with the declaration of the State of Emergency, initially, in provinces such as Callao and Trujillo, which are the areas most affected by criminal activity.


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