Mauricio Leal’s family lawyer gave details about his finances: It is not true that the accounts are full of money

Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández. Photo: Instagram @ marleny4563

The strange death of the stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother Marleny Hernández continues to leave doubts to the authorities and his acquaintances, this week the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that both they were murdered, discarding the initial hypothesis about an alleged suicide by Leal.

In the midst of these new inquiries by the investigating entity, this same opened an investigation for alleged money laundering, as they indicated that “there are irregular handling of resources or goods in these events”, which is why members of the CTI carried out search tasks at Mauricio Leal’s hairdresser.

Given these latest statements by the Attorney General’s Office, the stylist’s family lawyer, Erika Sanguinetti, revealed some details about Leal’s finances and the surprise with which they received the news of the money laundering investigation.

In dialogue with RCN Radio, the lawyer clarified that, contrary to what is being said, the bank accounts of the stylist and his relatives are not full of resources. “We have no idea of ​​an investigation for money laundering (…) They have said that the accounts are full of money and that is what they are showing us, but that is not the truth”He told the station.

He even referred to the situation of the hairdresser employees, a site that had to close and that has not been able to make the last payments of the collaborators effective. Sanguinetti clarified that he still does not even have a date to advance said payments; “even nIt has not even been possible to make the payment of the suppliers, of the people who worked, of the contractors”.

He added that both the family and the legal representatives of the victims have felt excluded from investigations that the Prosecutor’s Office advances, since they learned of the confirmation of the double homicide and the suspicions of money laundering in the public announcement made by the prosecutor Francisco Barbosa. He pointed out that, despite the requests that they have made to know information about the process, they have been denied.

The news that the attorney general gave through the media was surprising. We on behalf of the victims We have been in collaboration and the provision of everything that the Prosecutor’s Office has required, but we have been excluded because they have not informed us of anything e Even in a call I made to the Prosecutor’s Office, they told me that if I kept calling, I would practically not let the Prosecutor’s Office work“, Revealed on the station.

He also revealed that the family did not receive any graphology report in which it was established whether the suicide note found at the scene of the events corresponded or not to the handwriting of Mauricio Leal. And he referred to the statements of the Prosecutor’s Office in which “they talked about a check for one hundred million pesos, but we have no knowledge of it”.

Despite this, he confirmed to RCN Radio that the search work has continued on Leal’s property and that on Wednesday of this week the CTI soldiers arrived at the family’s home. “Yes there was a raid, but we do not have the record of what was taken. We have knowledge that yesterday they were carrying out a search of the house, but there was no one in the same that attended that diligence”, Explained the lawyer Sanguinetti.

In this case, Erika Sanguinetti represents Jhonier Leal and Carlos Andrés García, son of Mrs. Marleny Hernández and brother of Mauricio Leal, which is why he referred to the speculations that have arisen about Leal’s brother in recent days.

He assured that, for now, the Prosecutor’s Office they have not been told that a criminal investigation be carried out against Jhonier Leal due to the death of family members or money laundering. “That to date the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation has said that Jhonier Leal is linked to the process as an accused, has not happened at the moment, they are mere speculations”, Clarified the lawyer.


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